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How A Good Same Day Messenger Could Make a Crucial Difference

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same-day messenger

In the legal world, a same-day messenger can play a crucial role in making sure that a case moves forward or that a motion or response is received by the court in time. The consequences for a missed delivery can be disastrous and extremely expensive, not to mention difficult to explain to a client.

When you have a motion that’s still be prepared and won’t be ready until 3pm, it’s important to know you have a courier you can trust to deliver the documents where they need to be on time. There’s a lot to be considered on each and every run, especially with last minute deliveries where every minute counts. Bergen County to Trenton at 2:30pm on a Friday? Five minutes could make or break filing on time.

An experienced and professional courier will take all of the following into consideration, know the answers and be prepared for the quickest delivery possible:

  • Where is the nearest parking? Are there pay meters that require change?
  • Are there multiple buildings for the court? Where are the Judge’s chambers located in the court building?
  • Have items that will set off the metal detector and delay delivery been left in the car?
  • What is the best possible route to the delivery destination based on current time of day and traffic/construction conditions?

It’s also important that your messenger doesn’t combine your delivery with another. For example, if there is another law firm in your area with a delivery whose destination is en route to your delivery destination, a quality messenger will send another driver rather than piggy back on to yours. Delivery of legal documents and information requires priority attention for each and every delivery.

A professional messenger will keep their client updated, notify them of any potential travel time issues and alert them when delivery has been completed. Make sure not to risk meeting a deadline or filing date because of your same-day messenger. The right same-day messenger can be a crucial difference.


DGR Voted “Best Of” For Messenger Service In New Jersey

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best messenger service New JerseyFor the sixth consecutive year, DGR – The Source for Legal Support has been voted the “Best Of” in messenger service companies in New Jersey by the legal community in the annual New Jersey Law Journal “Best Of” survey.

Anyone who works at a law firm is eligible to cast their vote in the survey, which covers a broad range of legal support service providers, from litigation support to financial services to technology.

“We’re very grateful to our clients for taking the vote and give us this honor”, says Jerry Colasurdo, President and owner of DGR. “The longevity of our employees helps tremendously when it comes to messenger service. Over the years they’ve learned the best routes, how to quickly navigate the local courts and how to efficiently handle any delivery while accounting for potential traffic or delays”.

With more than 90 employees, DGR offers same-day messenger service in New Jersey for firms of every size. DGR also won the “Best Of” in process service for its national and international process service and its sister company, On The Lookout Investigations, won in the Private Investigations and Security category.


Why Your Messenger Service Needs To Be Familiar With Courts

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New Jersey messenger serviceWhen choosing a messenger service to handle your same day deliveries to courthouses, it’s important to choose a messenger who is familiar with the courts.

In a trial, there are inevitable last minute situations. Having a courier who knows the court system may mean your motion will be filed on time. Otherwise it could mean delaying your case.

A messenger who is knowledgeable with the court system won’t spend time circling the courthouse looking for a place to park. They will know exactly where to go, which parking lot has the best chance of an empty space and when it is worthwhile to spend the money to park when there is a deadline to meet. If they’re a common enough figure at the courthouses, some courts will even let them park directly in front for the time it takes them to run in and make the delivery.

Once they’re in the courthouse, an experienced messenger will know where to bring their delivery. No taking time to read signs or ask for directions. Only an immediate move to where you delivery needs to end up.

Messenger services who are familiar with the courts also know what is and is not allowed in each court. They won’t be trying to bring a water bottle inside with them or being delayed by the many metals items they need to remove to get through the courthouse metal detector. Experienced messengers who know there is only a short time to complete a delivery will know not to wear a belt or bring extra keys or change into the courthouse in order to expedite their trip through the metal detector.

Whether you are a trial attorney with frequent last minutes deliveries or filings going to the courts, or an attorney who is looking for an every- day messenger, it’s important to choose a courier service who is knowledgeable and professional. From personal knowledge of the most efficient way to get into the court including parking and metal detectors to being able to locate the correct destination, an experienced courier service could be the difference between your motion being filed or not.

Is that a risk you’re willing to take? If not, give DGR a call so we can send you our rates for our same-day New Jersey messenger service. With employees and not independent contractors in every county, many of whom have been with DGR for more than 10 years and know the courts inside and out, we can handle any delivery, anywhere.


4 Reasons You Should Use A Messenger Service

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New Jersey messenger serviceWondering whether to use a messenger service or go with another delivery method? Here are 4 reasons to use a messenger service:

You need something somewhere quickly.

Need to send something to an adversary? File something with the court before 4pm? A messenger service can make sure that happens.

At DGR for example, when you call us we can usually have someone at your door in thirty minutes. Even better, know you’ll have a delivery ready at 1pm? Give us a call in the morning to let us know and we’ll have someone there. No waiting, no scrambling to get somewhere when you have other things to do. Which leads us to….

You don’t have time to do it yourself.

You’re busy. You have tasks that are piling up and your time is better spent whittling down your to-do list and addressing more urgent matters that require your expertise.

Your delivery takes priority.

With UPS and FedEx many times your same day delivery is often being shipped alongside others without any particular priority.

Using a messenger service means your service gets priority. At DGR, our messengers handle one delivery at a time which means when you’re delivery is picked up it’s going directly to where it needs to be.

Messengers know what they’re doing and where they’re going

From back roads to avoid traffic and accidents to being on a first name basis with many of the court staff, our trained messengers can take valuable time off a delivery. Individuals and companies who have been handling messenger service for years know the ins and outs and best ways to make your delivery is completed on time.


Looking for a New Jersey messenger service? DGR is here to help, with available staff and messengers and email notifications of completed delivery. Contact us today for more information.


Is Your Messenger Service Using Employees?

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New Jersey messenger serviceLaw firms consistently entrust important packages and documents to messengers, sometimes at the last minute with an important deadline to meet. The question is, is your messenger service using employees? If not you may want to reconsider if you’re using a messenger company who uses independent contractors for a number of important reasons.

1. Employees are required to follow specific rules; independent contractors are not.

The very essence of an independent contractor means the messenger service utilizing them cannot provide them with any instructions as how to carry out their job. This could easily result in issues arising in how your deliveries are handled.

Employees however, are trained and often required to follow specific rules. All of this is done in order to make sure that the drivers are safe, on time and professional when dealing with both you and your adversaries. All of this training is developed based on experience, so you know your employee-based messenger service company is using best practices to stay as effective as possible.

2. Liability and Insurance

What happens if the messenger you’re using gets into an accident? Who is responsible? Independent contractors are supposed to carry their own insurance, but how do you know for sure they are? The messenger service may not do periodic check ups on their independent contractors’ insurance to make sure it is still in place.

With an employee based company, all messengers are covered under the umbrella of the company’s insurance policy.

3. Professionalism and appearance.

When working for a company as employees messengers are generally required to wear a particular uniform and keep up an appearance of professionalism. When your documents are delivered to the court or your adversary, the appearance of the messenger is also a reflection upon your firm. A uniformed, professional messenger helps project a positive image.

4. Timing of delivery

Independent contractors may work for a number of messenger service companies at a time. Where will your delivery fit in their route when they have packages from multiple companies to take care of?

With employees, their sole focus is on the deliveries their company is handling. This means your packages are their priority. At DGR we don’t piggy-back any of your deliveries, so once your package is picked up it’s going directly to where it needs to be delivered.

With only employees and no independent contractors, using DGR’s messenger service means you get trained professionals who look the part. If you use our services regularly, odds are you’ll recognize the messenger who arrives to pick up your package.

Looking for a New Jersey messenger service? Contact us today.


Uber Closes Its Car-Based Messenger Service

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UberEssentialsWe wrote an article a while back about what the success of Uber and what the introduction of UberRush, an NYC based courier service, could possibly mean to the future of messenger service.

In August of 2014 Uber also added UberEssentials to its lineup, with the difference being the use of a car rather than a bike to handle its deliveries. This sort of on call delivery service is something that would no doubt create some concern for New Jersey messengers.

Uber decided to test out this venture in Washington D.C. to start, with UberEssentials only delivering “everyday” items so its service offerings wouldn’t be of immediate worry to the courier service industry. The website touts the ability for you to “restock your medicine cabinet, snack drawer, cleaning supply closet and so much more in 10 minutes or less”, all with a tap of your Uber app.

As of January 22nd, Uber has closed this portion of its business and will instead continue to focus on UberRush. The company has yet to announce its future plans about whether or not it will be expanding UberRush to other cities.

The slowdown of Uber’s entrance in the courier service world means a chance for all of those in the messenger service industry to evaluate what change is coming and to prepare for it. While the ease of use and availability of UberRush’s courier service has its appeal, the personal touch and reliability of a direct contact messenger service company will no doubt continue to remain important.


What You Should Expect From Your Messenger Service

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messenger serviceWhen choosing a messenger service, you shouldn’t simply expect your package to be delivered. That is the very basic part of what a messenger service is supposed to do, but you should expect more than the bare minimum from your messenger service.

Your messenger service should provide the following:

Prompt delivery

The messenger picking up your delivery shouldn’t simply get your package to its destination at some point. They should head right there, making your delivery a priority and giving it the same level of attention you yourself would. This is particularly important in the legal industry, when the documents are often times ones which need to reach the courthouse within a specific deadline. The last thing you want is a phone call from your messenger telling you they got to the courthouse after it closed and didn’t complete the delivery – there goes meeting your deadline.


It’s 4:15pm. A messenger picked up a package at 11am for delivery and you’ve heard nothing since then.

Was it lost in space en route? Did they get into an accident?

You shouldn’t be left wondering what happened to your delivery. Your messenger service should be notifying you once a delivery is completed, whether via e-mail or a phone call.


When arriving at your office, can you tell the individual is part of the messenger service company? Or do they walk in with a wrinkled t-shirt and jeans?

When dropping off important documents to a courthouse or adversary, your messenger service is in a small way representing your firm. A lack of professionalism does not create a favorable impression. On the other hand, a messenger wearing a clean, neat uniform with a professional attitude can create a positive reflection.

At DGR, when we enter your firm you always know who we are from our uniforms. Not only that, but if you use our services frequently, you’ll usually know the driver by name.


Choosing a New Jersey messenger service provider may not seem like one of the most important tasks on your to –do list for the day – until there is a mix up or a package misses its delivery or filing deadline. Make sure to choose a messenger service which can provide you the high level of service you and your firm deserve.


Is Your Messenger Service Making This Costly Mistake?

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Whoever you’re using for your New Jersey messenger service, make sure they’re not making this one move that could be costing you on-time delivery and filing. New Jersey messenger service

When you choose a messenger service, it’s because you need something delivered to a particular location by a certain time. However, when using a messenger service who piggy-backs their deliveries, you can start to run into problems with deliveries not arriving on time.

What exactly is piggy-backing? After picking up your package to be delivered, your messenger service may then go on to pick up deliveries from another 2-3 locations before beginning the delivery part of the route. This means a package picked up at 11am that you anticipated being delivered by 12pm is now arriving at 3pm.

Or even worse: your important filing that needed to reach the courthouse by 4 now gets there after the court is closed.

That’s a disaster which could have been avoided by using a messenger service who doesn’t piggy-back their deliveries. When using DGR’s New Jersey messenger service, you can be sure when we pick up a delivery we are headed directly to the drop-off location. Your delivery is always our messengers sole priority.

So the next time you’re talking to your New Jersey messenger service, ask them if they piggy-back any of their deliveries. If so, you may want to avoid any future complications  by switching to a messenger service where your delivery always comes first.




What To Look For in a New Jersey Messenger Service

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Looking for a New Jersey messenger service? There are several things to keep in mind when searching:


Above and beyond all things, your messenger service needs to be able to handle your delivery. Whether it’s the filing of an affidavit or getting a motion in on time, being able to get your order completed is a big part of what counts.

If your messenger service is piggy-backing orders, meaning they’re picking up your delivery, going to three other firms to do the same and THEN delivering – you could wind up with a package that’s missed its deadline. At DGR we make sure to take care of only one order at a time. If you have a delivery, it’s picked up and immediately on its way, giving you top priority.

Customer service and contact

Does your messenger service rush you off the phone? Do you hang up wondering if your package will be delivered correctly? Your messenger service should take their time, making sure they have all the details of the order and reviewing them with you.

Afterward, you should be confident you will be contacted in the event of any unforeseen issues and will also be notified when the package is delivered. Finding out the next day the driver ran into a 17 car pile-up and was unable to make it to the court before it was closed doesn’t help. It would have been useful to know as it was happening so you could contact the court before it closed for the day.

With DGR’s customer service and on line status system, you can be sure we’re keeping you informed.

Knowledge of courts and routes

How familiar is this particular messenger service with the courts? Will they know which specific individual is best to contact at each court in order to make happen what you need done?

Having personal contacts with court individuals as well as knowledge of the court schedules and alternate routes should traffic arise can be priceless. At DGR, with over 33 years of experience, we’ve established relationships with the courts across the state.

New Jersey messenger service




DGR Wins New Jersey Law Journal’s “Best of” Award

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We’re happy to announce DGR was recently named a winner of the New Jersey Law Journal’s first annual “Best Of’ Award for 2012 for both Process Service and Courier Service.  Hundreds of law firm professionals including attorneys, paralegals and office administrators voted for their top choices around the state for numerous categories of legal service providers.

“We are so proud to have been chosen by the legal community for this award in two categories.  The underlying foundation of our business philosophy is customer satisfaction and it seems we have hit the mark” says Jerry Colasurdo, owner of DGR.

With all employees versus independent contractors which much of the industry utilizes, DGR is able to maintain strict quality control and execute specific client instructions for services and deliveries. “Our staff works very hard and receives continuous training in order to ensure the highest level of expertise and service. We will continue to offer the same level of service our clients have come to expect and depend on over the past 32 years,” adds Jerry.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted!