Choosing the Right Process Server for Your Family Law Matters


Family law and divorce matters can be sensitive subjects. While service of process in all cases should be handled ethically, efficiently, and according to legal rules, there are some circumstances that warrant extra care. 

For many families, process service is a step toward a significant life change. These circumstances can be delicate for families—for example, in cases where children are involved or one spouse is resistant to a pending divorce—so it’s important to choose a process server that can handle those sensitive situations in a professional, timely manner. 

If you need documents served for your family law matters, here are a few things to look out for when choosing a process server. 

Employees trained to handle sensitive situations

For situations such as divorce, service of process can be a distressing event. It can be especially so for families with children, which is why many clients request that papers are served at a time when any children are away from home. 

Domestic abuse situations also require extra care. Oftentimes, an individual must have a safety plan in place before notifying the spouse of court proceedings—and serving papers too early can risk that individual’s safety. While efficient, completed service is important, our clients’ well-being takes first priority. 

At DGR Legal, our experienced employees ensure we follow our clients’ wishes by thoroughly discussing their needs beforehand. Our process servers know when to hold off on serving papers until being notified otherwise, and can also complete rush jobs as needed.  

Transparency about costs and services

When you choose a process server for your family law matters, you want someone who is clear upfront about pricing and the scope of services. As the adage goes, “you get what you pay for”—and opting for process servers that offer a “no-serve, no-pay” policy may result in a server that gives up after a few attempts to serve papers. 

Instead, go for a process server that provides a specific price for service, giving you a clear idea of what to expect. At DGR Legal, our highly trained employees make every effort to complete services according to your requests, even in cases of evasive, hard-to-find individuals. 

Diligence and efficiency

Some individuals go to great lengths to avoid being found, often under the assumption that if they can avoid getting served, they can avoid court proceedings. Whether they’re hoping to prevent the divorce from moving forward or simply want to make things difficult for their spouse, divorce matters are notorious for evasion of service. Individuals may even go as far as to leave early for work, arrive home late, or change their schedules entirely. 

You want an efficient process server who can get papers served the first time, so your case can move forward sooner rather than later. And if the first attempt or two isn’t successful, you’ll want to feel confident that your process server will keep trying until the papers are in the right hands. 

At DGR Legal, we ask all of the necessary questions upfront including typical schedules and home arrival times, appearances, and what to expect overall. Of course, our experienced employees also know to expect the unexpected! 

Clear communication 

When it comes to your family law matters, you and your clients don’t want to be kept guessing about the status of your service. You want a process server that keeps you in the loop with real-time updates via phone and email, in addition to responding to your inquiries in a timely manner. 

At DGR Legal, we use up-to-date tools to provide exceptional client service, including online portals for status updates, allowing you access to the information you want, when you want it. 

Get started with a process server you can depend on 

When you choose a process server for your family law matters, you want someone who understands the nuances that come with each unique situation. At DGR Legal, we prioritize you and your family’s well-being just as much as we prioritize efficient, ethical service of process. 

In order to ensure effective service, our highly-trained employees always:

  • Check that all necessary documents are included prior to service
  • Make every effort to complete service, even in cases of evasion
  • Take substantial notes to uphold service should it be disputed 
  • Provide timely, real-time updates 
  • Maintain empathy for sensitive situations 

If you need documents served in New Jersey, contact our team today. 

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