In Memory of Michael J. Gibson

March 16, 1957 – February 13, 2013 Michael was more than an office manager – he was also a beloved friend to everyone here at DGR.He will be deeply missed.

Gerald Colasurdo

Founder and President
Gerald Colasurdo has established his respected reputation with over thirty years of experience. He is the founder as well as the past and current president of the New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association, a Certified Process Server and a member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers.Originally a chemical engineer, Jerry first got his start in the industry when helping out a friend who was an attorney. Without anyone to serve the document, he asked for Jerry’s help which eventually turned into a full-time business. His years of commitment and devotion are shown in every job that passes through DGR.

Debbie Colasurdo

As Vice-President of DGR, Debbie Colasurdo is responsible for development and implementation of DGR’s overall corporate strategy, including business development, strategic investments, acquisitions and corporate business analysis. For over 30 years, Debbie has been overseeing all employee related issues, accounting and business operations, she is constantly working to improve business operations and planning. Debbie’s innate ability to foresee process service trends and legal technology has made DGR the leader that it is today within the legal community.

Alana Gibson

Office Manager/Compliancy Office

With DGR since 2007 and growing up within the framework of the DGR family, Alana Gibson has knowledge of every part of DGR’s operations which contributes tremendously to her role as Office Manager. From litigation support to due diligence and on to our foreclosure unit, Alana manages these departments to coordinate efficient service. Whenever there is a special case, clients consistently depend upon Alana to oversee the service from beginning to end. Her extremely hard working ethics along with her passion for the process service field has made Alana the perfect candidate for this role.

Amanda Sexton

Director of Corporate Development

Amanda has been with DGR since 2010 and oversees growth and expansion through marketing, public relations and sales. She is currently President of the New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association, a board member of the Legal Vendors Network and attends local and national conferences and training sessions to stay on top of the latest techniques and regulations for both process service and private investigations.

Kim Gibson

Due Diligence Dept. Supervisor

Kim brings to DGR extensive experience in the legal field, working within law since 1972. Joining DGR over 20 years ago Kim brought along her expertise and currently oversees all incoming and outgoing work product within her department. Handling pre-service and post-service due diligence inquiries, litigation diligent inquiries, property inquiries and owner searches as well as postal inquiries, Kim maintains a smoothly operated department where customer service always come first.

Robert Cifelli

Litigation Dept. Supervisor

Another long term DGR employee, Robert began working with DGR in 1993 as a courier for a brief period and later moved to our subpoena dept. As DGR expanded Robert took over the litigation and summons and complaints department. Prior to DGR he worked as an executive in steel shelving manufacturing in Newark.

 Anthony Mboho

Out of State Department Supervisor

Anthony oversees the out of state and international service department, ensuring quick and efficient service outside of New Jersey and around the world. Within the US and outside of it, Anthony and his team work hard to make sure services are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Following the rules of Letters Rogatory and the Hague Convention and dealing with constables and the government agencies of other countries to effectuate service, Anthony’s department knows all of the appropriate and fastest venues for service within a given country.

Melissa Giambattista

Billing Department Supervisor
Melissa has been with DGR since 2008. As the billing department supervisor, she and her team oversee all aspects of invoicing, review all affidavits before final submission and are responsible for ensuring quality standards across all work product. Melissa’s attention to detail, capacity to enforce the many nuanced client requirements and ability to efficiently handle large volumes of work that comes through her department is essential to our work flow and ensuring fast turn-around times.