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Client Testimonials

DGR has done a terrific job for this firm. Their service is quick and efficient. They promptly address all of our questions and keep us updated on the status of all our service requests. They are willing and able to tailor their services to meet this firm’s special needs, and their staff is always pleasant and helpful. I would recommend DGR to any firm with a litigation practice in New Jersey.

Denise K. Stewart, Esq.
Seeger Weiss

Our firm used a number of popular process service and delivery firms before finding DGR Legal. We were very displeased with the professionalism, speed, and responsiveness of those other firms, particularly when a matter needed some degree of special attention. I happened upon a DGR Legal exhibition booth at the New Jersey Law Center and decided to give them a chance. They are, hands down, the best process and delivery firm in the state. Instead of using unreliable, part-time contractors to serve and deliver, they use uniformed employees that are reliable and tenacious. Our average time for service went from 2-3 weeks to a number of days. We get instantaneous email confirmation when service is effectuated. In those instances where service cannot be effectuated, the process servers undertake investigatory efforts such as interviewing neighbors, requesting documents, surveying the property, checking the electric meter, and the like. They are highly motivated and efficient.

Christian V. McOmber, Esq.
McOmber & McOmber

We have been using DGR-The Source for Legal Support for almost 10 years. DGR plays an integral role in our daily operations. We highly recommend them for their efficiency, professionalism, and knowledge of the ever changing court rules. They have the experience and expertise to handle the most difficult demands that we see in our foreclosure practice because of the high volume and level of time constraints involved in each case. The members of DGR are knowledge, dependable, efficient, and always pleasant to work with. DGR will go the extra mile to the get job done and get it done right no matter how simple or how complicated the job may be.

Manuel J. Argentieri, Esq.
Romano Garubo & Argentieri – Foreclosure/Bankruptcy Department

I have relied upon DGR for more than 30 years to provide supporting services for my practice. Their process servers, messengers and researchers have consistently been prompt, polite and extremely efficient in getting the job done. When it comes to dependability, they are without equal. I endorse DGR fully and recommend them highly.

John P. McDermott, Esq.

I used DGR after another process server was unable to get an individual served in a very important case. DGR served the individual – excellent work and effort. I was very impressed.

Paul Foreman, Esq.

I have been in practice for over 17 years and have used many service companies. I needed out-of-state service and contacted DGR to help me with a particular matter. DGR was highly professional by immediately assigning me a customer service representative, completing service, quickly returning my calls, and providing me with electronic mail updates during each step of the service process. I would highly recommend DGR to anyone who asked for a referral.

Matthew F. Lupardo, Esq

A Colleague of mine recommended DGR to me a number of years ago and I am very happy that I made the switch from my previous server. The beauty of DGR is their out of state process service. With one call, I know my case is being handled professionally by top process servers and I am confident that the New Jersey border won’t stop DGR from getting the job done accurately and by a deadline.

Michael Schwartzberg, Esq.

From the start DGR has provided us with excellent, dependable service and their courteous and efficient staff has never hesitated to go above and beyond to make sure our services are completed. They are always up to date on the latest foreclosure rules and everything is taken care of in accordance with court requirements. For any firm who needs a process server, particularly those who are in the foreclosure industry, I would highly recommend DGR for their expertise and never-failing quality

Alan F. Such, Esq.
Fein, Such, Kahn & Shepard, P.C.

Our firm has used the services of DGR for same day hand deliveries as well as for service of process in New Jersey and outside of New Jersey. DGR is always pleasant and courteous, which means a lot to our staff when calling to arrange for service. When we have had to arrange for unusual service of individuals who are evading service, DGR has come through for us time and time again in the most professional manner possible. If ever there is a problem, we can count on them to address it quickly and efficiently. It is a pleasure to deal with DGR.

Bari Z. Weinberger, Esq.
Weinberger Law Group

My opinion of DGR is very high based on the attitude of the people who work there. There has never been a time in the past four years that I have contacted DGR that Julio, Art, Jennifer, Bob and others whose names I do not recall just now, were not anything but wonderful. No matter what my problem, they have always been upbeat and polite. Nothing is ever a problem and everything is always doable. There is never a question about a task being performed or the quality and efficiency of their work! It is always a pleasure to call your offices and speak with the staff. Their staff makes DGR trustworthy, reliable and the first choice!

Ellasara Kling
Kerley, Walsh, Matera & Cinquemani, P.C.

Our Legal Services


Process Service

Everything we do at DGR is meant to make service of process more efficient, letting you focus on those important to-do list tasks. We have over 36 years of experience in national and international process service.


Investigative Services

DGR’s sister company is able to handle all your private investigation service needs. Cases are confidential and our wide range of services allow us to provide client-focused solutions that are eseential for hundreds of clients around the globe.


Messenger Service

Our extensive knowledge of the New Jersey court systems are a result of over 36 years of experience. Within a half hour of your call one of our well trained staff of professional couriers will be on your doorstep, ready to ensure your package delivery and safety. 


Court Document Retrieval

Our document retrieval specialists offer court document retrieval in New Jersey and throughout the country. We have the experience to get the documents you need as quickly as possible, and we can even deliver documents straight to your court hearing.


Foreclosure Services

Foreclosures require specialized knowledge and experience. Our trained professionals can provide in-depth property and occupancy inspections, loss mitigation and door-knocking services, and process service that’s fully compliant with court rules.


Due Diligence

With years of experience and access to a wide variety of the most current databases, DGR Legal’s due diligence department can help you locate an individual or entity anywhere in the U.S. Our highly trained team is also equipped to locate individuals abroad.

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