Nationwide Process Service

Our job is to make your job easier

National Process Service

You have something to be served. And you need it done quickly and efficiently.

Then you need DGR.

We handle everything, letting you focus on those important to-do list tasks (and we know you have plenty of them!).

Our process service features:

  • Service anywhere in the nation and world
  • Online portal for status updates
  • Trained, experienced process servers
  • Cutting-edge technology to keep cases moving forward

Since 1981, and with more than 95 New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania process servers and affiliates in every state and country, your service is always our priority.

You can be assured you will receive the same level of commitment to excellence we provide to all our clients.


Our trained office Team and servers:

  • Check documents prior to service to ensure the necessary documents are included
  • Make every effort to complete service and take substantial notes to uphold service should it be contested
  • Provide timely updates
  • Are always friendly, available and responsive
nationwide process server
nationwide process server

A Colleague of mine recommended DGR to me a number of years ago and I am very happy that I made the switch from my previous server. The beauty of DGR is their out of state process service. With one call, I know my case is being handled professionally by top process servers and I am confident that the New Jersey border won’t stop DGR from getting the job done accurately and by a deadline.

Michael Shwartzberg, Esq.


International Process Service

Need something served outside the United States?

Utilizing both the Hague Convention and Letters Rogatory, DGR has effectuated service in more than 100 countries.

We help effectuate enforceable international service of process by:

  • Providing guidance as to the appropriate method of service
  • Gathering supporting information and documentation
  • Assisting in getting difficult court signatures and affidavits
  • Obtaining additional extensions of time or comply with court orders to provide the status of a service

Serve A Subpoena Through UIDDA

Need to serve a subpoena for documents or a deposition in another state?

Eliminate the need to hire an attorney in another state to reissue a subpoena by utilizing the UIDDA.

The Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act (UIDDA) makes it easy. Created to facilitate easier service of process of subpoenas over state lines, the new procedure can be facilitated by our experienced team.

As the first process servers to ever effectuate service via LinkedIn and Instagram, we know a thing or two about electronic service of process.

This type of service requires capture of specific information along with executing the service. Just like with other methods of alternate service, like publication, it can sometimes be difficult to know if the subject actually received the notice. 

That’s where we can help, putting our experience to work for you.

Electronic Service of Process Via Social Media

With worldwide social media users totaling near 2.3 billion, electronic service of process is being an increasingly popular alternate form of service.

Process Service You Can Depend On

Looking for a process server you can count on to serve your documents quickly and efficiently?

Our process servers are employees only within New Jersey unlike most process service companies. This means they’re receiving top of the line training and continuous support from our office team.

What does this mean for you?

Exceptional service, where attempts are made at various times of day until it’s apparent the subject is avoiding or the subject or business isn’t at that address.

Don’t settle for two attempts and a “not served” report. With DGR, you can rest assured every service is getting the same high level of tenacity in attempting to effectuate service.

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Process Service

Fast, reliable service complete with an online portal to track status updates.

Due Diligence Searches

Having problems locating an individual or entity for service? We can help.

Subpoena & UIDDA

Service across state lines made simple with the use of the Uniform Information Discovery and Deposition Act.

International Process Service

From knowing which method of service is best to handling translations, we’ve served around the globe.

Messenger Service

Same-day delivery, where your package is our driver’s only priority and you get a recipient’s signature.

Document Retrieval

The documents and information you need from the courthouse, when you need it.

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