Court Document Retrieval

We offer court document retrieval from anywhere in New Jersey or around the country, with copies of documents from the court being delivered right to your door.  We retrieve documents from any federal, state or municipal court.
court document retrieval
In a pinch? We can deliver the documents to your court hearing.

No more wasting valuable time

Getting the correct documents you need could take a significant amount of your valuable time. Our document retrieval specialists deal with the court frequently and know the best way to get the documents you need as quickly as possible. Knowing who to contact, what part of the court house to go to, and what is the best way to retrieve the documents has helped us obtain thousands of legal documents and records.

Don’t need the original documents? If you want the documents as quickly as possible, we can scan them in once obtained to get them into your hands right away.

What we can get

Here are just some of the documents we can retrieve for you:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Complaint
  • Court Order
  • Proof of Service
  • Request for Dismissal
  • Exhibits
  • Judgment
  • Notice of Motion
  • Statement of Damages
  • Summary Dissolution
  • Notice of Motion