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4 Signs of a Quality Messenger Service Company

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Quality-messenger-service-truckIf you’re in the legal industry, you know how important it can be to have a quality messenger service you can depend on. There are times when a quality messenger service can make or break you missing a filing deadline. Here are four things you should look for when choosing a messenger service to make sure you’re getting the best:

  1. Constant communication

You should never be left wondering what the status of your package is. A reliable messenger service company will let you know as soon as the package has been delivered, along with who signed for it.

  1. Professional appearance and demeanor

Your package for delivery is an important one to you or else you wouldn’t be having it hand delivered.  Why trust anyone who isn’t a professional with the task? An employee with a quality messenger service should arrive neatly dressed in uniform and treat their job and you with professionalism.

Professional doesn’t necessarily have to mean not fun, but the messengers should always be knowledgeable and courteous.

  1. Knowledge of routes and courthouses

Part of being a professional is having the knowledge to complete your job well. For messengers, this means knowing the best routes to take, accounting for factors like time of day and construction. For example, going through a school zone at 3pm is sure to lose some time on delivery so an alternate route should be used.

If your messenger’s destination is a courthouse, having a rapport with the staff and knowing exactly where they need to get to in the building could be the difference between your package being delivered or missing the deadline. When you have a package going from one side of the state to the other at 3pm for a 4pm deadline, you’re going to want a messenger who knows the best parking location for a quick entry and where the judges’ chambers are in the courthouse.

  1. Always follows instructions

You want a messenger who will follow your exact instructions. If the instructions were important enough for you to give, then they’re important enough for the messenger to follow.

If you have two packages and want one delivered to the courthouse two counties away before the second one is delivered to your adversary located right down the street from you, your messenger should do exactly that.

Choosing a messenger service shouldn’t be underestimated. Explaining to your boss or a partner why the delivery didn’t happen as expected isn’t something anyone wants to undertake. Pick a messenger service you can depend on.

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What You Should Expect From Your Messenger Service

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messenger serviceWhen choosing a messenger service, you shouldn’t simply expect your package to be delivered. That is the very basic part of what a messenger service is supposed to do, but you should expect more than the bare minimum from your messenger service.

Your messenger service should provide the following:

Prompt delivery

The messenger picking up your delivery shouldn’t simply get your package to its destination at some point. They should head right there, making your delivery a priority and giving it the same level of attention you yourself would. This is particularly important in the legal industry, when the documents are often times ones which need to reach the courthouse within a specific deadline. The last thing you want is a phone call from your messenger telling you they got to the courthouse after it closed and didn’t complete the delivery – there goes meeting your deadline.


It’s 4:15pm. A messenger picked up a package at 11am for delivery and you’ve heard nothing since then.

Was it lost in space en route? Did they get into an accident?

You shouldn’t be left wondering what happened to your delivery. Your messenger service should be notifying you once a delivery is completed, whether via e-mail or a phone call.


When arriving at your office, can you tell the individual is part of the messenger service company? Or do they walk in with a wrinkled t-shirt and jeans?

When dropping off important documents to a courthouse or adversary, your messenger service is in a small way representing your firm. A lack of professionalism does not create a favorable impression. On the other hand, a messenger wearing a clean, neat uniform with a professional attitude can create a positive reflection.

At DGR, when we enter your firm you always know who we are from our uniforms. Not only that, but if you use our services frequently, you’ll usually know the driver by name.


Choosing a New Jersey messenger service provider may not seem like one of the most important tasks on your to –do list for the day – until there is a mix up or a package misses its delivery or filing deadline. Make sure to choose a messenger service which can provide you the high level of service you and your firm deserve.


What Does UberRUSH Mean to Messenger Service?

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Yesterday I received an email that couldn’t make me help but wonder about the future of messenger service, particularly with NYC.

In my daily Gilt City email, along with multiple other offers I received this:


80% off?! They’re really trying to get people to try out their recently launched NYC messenger service. Starting on April 8th, Uber expanded their regular service offerings and decided to test the waters with messenger service, called UberRUSH.

Pricing is competitive, determined based on zones. $15 within the same zone and $5 for each additional zone crossed.  Orders can be placed through their app, with a messenger arriving in just minutes.

messenger service New Jersey

Uber is careful to announce in their blog that this launch is considered more an experiment than anything help, but what does this mean for NYC messenger service? While Uber partners with messengers to run their service, they do not make it clear if this entails business entities as well or just individual messengers.

The introduction of UberRUSH could have a positive impact for messenger companies in the area if there is a steady stream of work. However, if targeted solely toward individual messengers, the low prices could have local messenger businesses seeing a decline, particularly if UberRUSH manages to establish a reliable reputation.

While the service is still very new, Uber has experienced significant success with their initial app which allows individuals to hail a cab with the touch of a button. Many drivers who have participated with Uber rave about the ability to no longer have to hunt down passengers. Could UberRUSH mean the same for messengers and deliveries?


Messenger Service to Take Another Hit, This Time in Florida

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Florida has recently issued a rule change, SC10-2101, which mandates service by e-mail for cases when filing. The new rule will have a significant impact on the amount of messenger service work.

messenger service New Jersey

This rule took effect took effect in non-criminal trial court and appellate cases on September 1, 2012 and will be in the criminal trial court by October 1, 2013. There are two main situations in which service by means other than e-mail will be utilized:

  • When service is not allowed by e-mail
    • Parties aren’t represented by attorney and haven’t designated an e-mail address
    • An attorney has obtained an order exempting service via e-mail
    • As a secondary or additional means of service

The courts are now making all attorneys designate a primary e-mail address and while they may seek an exception the odds of qualifying are slim. While other states have implemented e-filing slowly and given attorneys the option to utilize e-filing, in Florida it will be mandatory. The court is only granting exceptions to those who have no email account and who lack access to the internet at the attorney’s office. Those with personal e-mail addresses will not be given an exception.

One of the more interesting parts about this new rule is the vagueness with which service is deemed effectuated. The rule states that service by e-mail is complete when the e-mail is sent.  “Sent” is not clearly defined and it is presumed that it will be taken of as the time the sender clicked “Send”.    This could prove to be an issue which would need clarifying as we see more and more cases of e-service surrounding initial proceedings.

What this means for messengers and couriers

A number of other states have already implemented e-filing systems including:

  • Utah
  • Texas
  • Colorado
  • New York
  • Hawaii
  • New Jersey – Special Civil Part and Foreclosure

Unfortunately it looks as though this is a trend which will continue as courts see the success of e-filing implementation in other states and districts and look to cut costs across the board. By reducing the amount of work available in the legal area it is likely messengers will become more specialized in their services and move to take on work from other industries.


DGR Wins New Jersey Law Journal’s “Best of” Award

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We’re happy to announce DGR was recently named a winner of the New Jersey Law Journal’s first annual “Best Of’ Award for 2012 for both Process Service and Courier Service.  Hundreds of law firm professionals including attorneys, paralegals and office administrators voted for their top choices around the state for numerous categories of legal service providers.

“We are so proud to have been chosen by the legal community for this award in two categories.  The underlying foundation of our business philosophy is customer satisfaction and it seems we have hit the mark” says Jerry Colasurdo, owner of DGR.

With all employees versus independent contractors which much of the industry utilizes, DGR is able to maintain strict quality control and execute specific client instructions for services and deliveries. “Our staff works very hard and receives continuous training in order to ensure the highest level of expertise and service. We will continue to offer the same level of service our clients have come to expect and depend on over the past 32 years,” adds Jerry.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted!