What You Should Expect From Your Messenger Service

messenger serviceWhen choosing a messenger service, you shouldn’t simply expect your package to be delivered. That is the very basic part of what a messenger service is supposed to do, but you should expect more than the bare minimum from your messenger service.

Your messenger service should provide the following:

Prompt delivery

The messenger picking up your delivery shouldn’t simply get your package to its destination at some point. They should head right there, making your delivery a priority and giving it the same level of attention you yourself would. This is particularly important in the legal industry, when the documents are often times ones which need to reach the courthouse within a specific deadline. The last thing you want is a phone call from your messenger telling you they got to the courthouse after it closed and didn’t complete the delivery – there goes meeting your deadline.


It’s 4:15pm. A messenger picked up a package at 11am for delivery and you’ve heard nothing since then.

Was it lost in space en route? Did they get into an accident?

You shouldn’t be left wondering what happened to your delivery. Your messenger service should be notifying you once a delivery is completed, whether via e-mail or a phone call.


When arriving at your office, can you tell the individual is part of the messenger service company? Or do they walk in with a wrinkled t-shirt and jeans?

When dropping off important documents to a courthouse or adversary, your messenger service is in a small way representing your firm. A lack of professionalism does not create a favorable impression. On the other hand, a messenger wearing a clean, neat uniform with a professional attitude can create a positive reflection.

At DGR, when we enter your firm you always know who we are from our uniforms. Not only that, but if you use our services frequently, you’ll usually know the driver by name.


Choosing a New Jersey messenger service provider may not seem like one of the most important tasks on your to –do list for the day – until there is a mix up or a package misses its delivery or filing deadline. Make sure to choose a messenger service which can provide you the high level of service you and your firm deserve.

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