4 Signs of a Quality Messenger Service Company

Quality-messenger-service-truckIf you’re in the legal industry, you know how important it can be to have a quality messenger service you can depend on. There are times when a quality messenger service can make or break you missing a filing deadline. Here are four things you should look for when choosing a messenger service to make sure you’re getting the best:

  1. Constant communication

You should never be left wondering what the status of your package is. A reliable messenger service company will let you know as soon as the package has been delivered, along with who signed for it.

  1. Professional appearance and demeanor

Your package for delivery is an important one to you or else you wouldn’t be having it hand delivered.  Why trust anyone who isn’t a professional with the task? An employee with a quality messenger service should arrive neatly dressed in uniform and treat their job and you with professionalism.

Professional doesn’t necessarily have to mean not fun, but the messengers should always be knowledgeable and courteous.

  1. Knowledge of routes and courthouses

Part of being a professional is having the knowledge to complete your job well. For messengers, this means knowing the best routes to take, accounting for factors like time of day and construction. For example, going through a school zone at 3pm is sure to lose some time on delivery so an alternate route should be used.

If your messenger’s destination is a courthouse, having a rapport with the staff and knowing exactly where they need to get to in the building could be the difference between your package being delivered or missing the deadline. When you have a package going from one side of the state to the other at 3pm for a 4pm deadline, you’re going to want a messenger who knows the best parking location for a quick entry and where the judges’ chambers are in the courthouse.

  1. Always follows instructions

You want a messenger who will follow your exact instructions. If the instructions were important enough for you to give, then they’re important enough for the messenger to follow.

If you have two packages and want one delivered to the courthouse two counties away before the second one is delivered to your adversary located right down the street from you, your messenger should do exactly that.

Choosing a messenger service shouldn’t be underestimated. Explaining to your boss or a partner why the delivery didn’t happen as expected isn’t something anyone wants to undertake. Pick a messenger service you can depend on.

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