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NAPPS Convention: What Could Make John Perez Resign?

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What could make the highly lauded John Perez, an attorney with over 20 years of process server experience, step down from his position on the Board of NAPPS? 


The name John Perez is well known throughout the process serving industry, with a long list of accomplishments to his name including:

  • Past president of NAPPS
  • Past President and current Director of the New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association (NJPPSA)
  • Author of the Professional Process Servers Guides to Service of Process in New Jersey, New York and Florida
  • Co-chair of the New York State Professional Process Servers Association (NYSPPSA) Education Committee and speaker at NYSPPSA educational seminars

John even added another accomplishment to his list at the NAPPS convention, receiving the Donald C. ‘Mac’ McDonald award.  This award is the highest honor by NAPPS and given out yearly to a process server who goes above and beyond what is expected.  The inscriptions on this award reads:

“In appreciation for the uncompromising dedicated service, exceptional visionary insight and focused unwavering leadership for the betterment of the National Association of Professional Process Servers”

These words certainly describe John, who has added so much to our profession and through his actions at the convention he exemplified this award yet again, showing his ‘unwavering leadership for the betterment’ of NAPPS.

While in Boston John proposed a motion that would open two more positions on the board for directors.   These two positions would provide the opportunity for new blood and new ideas, which he felt NAPPS could greatly benefit from.

The motion was ultimately denied.

No one was prepared for what happened next. In an emotional moment for all John stepped down as Director of NAPPS to open up a position on the board, maintaining that it was time for new voices to be heard.

While his valuable input will certainly be missed from the Board it serves to show there are many who are extremely dedicated to making NAPPS into the best association possible, one that serves its members through the changing times.

Thank you John for all that you continue to do for NAPPS.


NAPPS Convention: Ethical Business Practices? She Wrote the Book On It

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We all strive to be as ethical as possible, especially these days as our industry faces intense scrutiny in the wake of issues of sewer service and heightened regulations. NAPPS had Kitty Hailey in to speak on the topic, an advocate of professionalism who literally wrote the books on ethics.  Author of The Code of Professional Conduct: Stands and Ethics for the Investigative Profession, Kitty has been named New Jersey Investigator of the Year and speaks around the country.

One of Kitty’s main speaking points was how you shouldn’t be giving away ANY of your work or expertise for free.  For those of you who have read our article on how we feel about free process service, Kitty’s speech was directly in line with our thoughts (and we didn’t even talk to her beforehand!).  She made the excellent point that as process servers, we have a skill and knowledge that others don’t.

As a part of process serving, the ability to locate new addresses is an often underestimated source of potential revenue for process servers.  Without this information, the clients would often be unable to move forward or would have a difficult time performing such searches on their own.  Kitty’s advice: Rather than giving away information for free, realize that you offer a valuable service and charge accordingly.

You can read more information on Kitty at


Process Server Bloopers and Video Reels

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While many of DGR’s own staff didn’t get a chance to make it up to the convention, we all got a kick out of watching our President Jerry on some of the reels put together by Serve Now.  As President of the New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association, Jerry was interviewed on a number of topics. 


One of our personal favorite is this series of bloopers:


Check out Jerry and many of the other association leaders out as they talk about challenges facing the process serving industry:

Also take a look at the article ServeNow did to sum up these challenges:

We’ll be discussing these in more details in our coming posts. Don’t worry – we plan on finishing our NAPPS mini-series first!

They also interviewed process servers who were general members on the importance of attending conventions:

You can follow Serve Now on Twitter at @ServeNow.  Be sure to share this post and let them know what you think of all their work!





NAPPS Convention: Internet Marketing for Process Servers

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On Saturday Ayla Crippen, a Senior Internet Marketing Consultant at Reach Local, conducted a seminar on “The Best of the Best in Online Marketing”.  She was a fantastic speaker who provided a ton of great information that we’d like to pass on to you.  You can follow her on Twitter at @AylaCrippenIMC.

Where are you on the web?

Ayla continually touched on the topic of where your business is on the web.  More and more people are using online searches as their first option for answering the questions, including where they can find a process server in a given area.

Hire a professional

As a small business owner it can be worth the investment to hire a professional such as an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant to boost your search engine rankings.  Before beginning decide what you expect the outcome to be and discuss this with whoever you hire to make sure you are clear on anticipated results.  While some results may require a higher investment, your consultant should be able to clearly let you know what can be accomplished within a given budget.  As you move along, continually monitor your results.

The results that turn up on a search engine page, called organic results, are where an SEO consultant can help you out by moving you up in rank. Another option is to utilize ads, particularly Google Adwords.  You can pay for listings to show up for certain search keywords and have the option of PPC (pay per click) or PPI (pay per time user sees you ad).

Online reputation

Many sites offer the option to leave a recommendation, such as Yelp or Google.  The first step is to make sure that the information under such accounts is listed correctly and to claim your listing as the owner.  For Google, here is their business listings section where you can learn how to claim your listing:

Once that’s done the next step is to gather recommendations. Invite your clients to do this and offer them an incentive to do so, such as 10% off their next service.  While we all provide the absolute best process service we can, there are bound to be one or two bad recommendations. As they say, you can’t make everyone happy.  The key is to get plenty of recommendations stacked on top of these so they are pushed back in date, making it less likely a potential customer will see the negative response.


Did you know 80% of customers abandon a mobile site if they have a bad user experience? It’s imperative these days to have a mobile site that is easy to navigate. Ayla provided a great resource called Go Mo which creates a mobile site for you and gives you free premium service for a year. We’ve created our mobile site using this already and couldn’t be happier with the ease of use and the results!

Stay tuned for the next part of the NAPPS Convention Series: Kitty Hailey & Ethical Business Practices!



Inside the NAPPS Convention

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Miss the NAPPS Convention? No problem – we’ve got you covered.

The NAPPS convention was held two weeks ago in Boston at the Park Plaza Hotel April 26th– 28th. Because we know that not everyone could attend the event we plan on filling you in on some of the seminars and events that occurred in our mini-series over the next two weeks.  From speakers on social media and the issue of free service, the resignation of John Perez and the election of the new board, we’re here to fill you in so stay tuned!





The Server Controversy: Where Do You Stand?

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The National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) recent donation to the New York Professional Process Servers Association (NYPPSA) to assist in covering costs of litigation has created some controversy, as some believe the amount is too high in comparison to what has been given to other state associations.  However, when the entire situation is looked at it seems the monetary commitment to NYPPSA’s fight is one that is well justified given the impact the rulings would have had on process servers within New York City, many of whom are NAPPS members, as well as the potential impact this could have on similar future rulings in other states.

If the DCA recommendations and proposed rules were put into effect without any opposition the result would have been extremely damaging to the process server industry in New York City in regard to cost measures.  It also would have been difficult for servers to meet the expectations set regarding time requirements for reporting.  The litigation NYPPSA did on behalf of NYC process servers resulted in the following successful adjustments to the rules:

  • Instead of having a 24-hour reporting requirement for all services the time was extended to two business days after the last event recorded
  • The amount of time process servers need to keep papers records was reduced from 7 years to 3 years, reducing the financial burden placed on servers and agencies.
  • A new rule added a method for licensees to correct typographical errors in or advertent omissions from any entry into electronic format.

NYPPSA was also able to change the GPS requirements for New York City servers.  Originally servers would not have been allowed to continue their route if the GPS did not have a signal.  The GPS requirements also could present problems as a process server sometimes has no way of knowing that the GPS coordinates were not captured until the records are reviewed at a later date.  However this rule was overridden and servers are now allowed to proceed as long as the GPS tracking is implemented correctly.    

Numerous process servers in New York are members of NAPPS but NYPPSA, and these members have benefitted from the efforts of NYPPSA.   The litigation of NYPPSA also saved a large number of NAPPS members from having to pay a $1,000 fine.  The DCA intended to fine 129 process servers and agencies for each non-compliance for the NYC rules put into effect in May that many were unaware of.  NYPPSA worked to get an abatement for the $129,000 and saved many from an unnecessary expenditure. 

By contesting the original proposed rules, NYPPSA was not only working on behalf of New York City process servers but on behalf of process servers across the country.  The adjusted rules also made it so that work from the other 49 states would be excluded from having to comply with the New York rules.  As President of NAPPS and NYPPSA Larry Yellon said: “NYPPSA was the NAPPS foot soldier fighting a battle that affects the entire country”.

The litigation of NYPPSA also has effects for the entire industry and future proposed legislation. The case of the Long Island process serving company American Legal Process and its owner William Singler spurred the rule and law changes within New York.  A suit filed by the 2009 New York Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, finally came to a head when Singler, pled guilty to fraud for failing to provide proper legal notification to thousands of New Yorkers facing primarily debt related lawsuits.  Singler was eventually sentenced to prison on March 24, 2010 for more than 1 year and the Attorney General is currently pursuing dismissal of over 100,000 cases handled by ALP.

As more cases of sewer service come to light it is not without reason to think that other states may soon follow in the footsteps of New York and lay down more stringent laws.  Within Florida alone two process serving companies are currently being investigated by the Attorney General, ProVest and Gissen & Zawyer Process Service Inc.  While there has been no statement made by the Attorney General, the outcome could result in new process serving laws.   Even though states have their own regulations regarding the requirements for process servers, legal matters tend to look at previous cases to set the precedent. 

Total costs of all litigation equaled $187,000 of which NYPPSA contributed $87,000 from its own treasury.  What if NYPPSA did not exist or simply did not have the money to put in to cover ANY of the costs?  Then NAPPS would be stuck with the full bill.  While the total requested amount from NAPPS of $100,000 is indeed more substantial than any other previous amount that has been granted, this is also the most significant piece of process service legislation to come about in terms of regulation.

While the recent ILAPPS victory to get assaulting a process server made a felony is without a doubt a resounding victory that will hopefully pave the way for more states to adopt a similar law, a lack of NAPPS financial contributions would not have resulted in extreme detriment to hundreds of process servers.  The New York City rules and regulations that were to be put into place would have had a profound effect on process servers as a whole and an even more onerous one on the smaller process serving companies.  NYPPSA has contributed a significant amount from their own treasury to the litigation bill, and it does not make sense for such an organization to bear the entire burden of a fight that benefited NAPPS members both within NYC as well as on a nationwide level. 

Congratulations to NYPPSA for your hard work and commitment to ensuring fair regulations and rulings for process servers!


Let us know what you think and where you stand on the issue below!



Why Process Servers Need Felonies

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On August 12th Illinois made attacking a process server a felony.   Bill Clutter, one of the founders of ILAPPS, helped start the process of making this a law after one of his process servers was nearly choked to death. Those in the industry know how dangerous this line of work can be and it would benefit everyone if all states were to follow in Illinois’ footsteps.

Recently another incident of an attack on a process server has occurred in Arizona, where a server was shot after trying to serve an individual on four separate occasions.  While the process server was able to make it back to his car and is in stable condition, this situation emphasizes the need for increased legislation to protect process servers.  Many states have associations and while there are a number of reasons to belong to your state association, one of the most important is to enact positive legislation for our industry while defending against the negative bills.  ALL states should have legislation making attacking a process server a felony.  The New Jersey Association of Professional Process Servers is currently pursuing this as are other states.

For the safety of yourself and your fellow process servers, consider joining your state association and taking an active role in enacting bills which once passed would provide greater protection to those in our industry.

State Associations (from the NAPPS website):

Arizona Process Servers Association (APSA)
Chartered in 1986
President: Larry Ratcliff
Phone: (928) 367-0510
For membership Info contact:
Patty Chlebanowski (602) 254-7427
P.O. Box 2233
Phoenix, AZ 85002
California Association of Legal Support Professionals (CALSPro)
Chartered in 1985
President: Chad Barger
Phone: (661) 327-8022
For membership info contact:
CALSPro Admin. Office (916) 239-4065
2520 Venture Oaks Way, #150
Sacramento, CA 95833
Florida Association of Professional Process Servers (FAPPS)
Chartered in 1993
President: Bob Musser
Phone: (407) 679-1539
For membership info contact:
Justin Petrae (877) 383-2777
P.O. Box 72
Melbourne, FL 32902-0072
Michigan Court Officer, Deputy Sheriff & Process Servers Association (MCODSA)
Chartered in 2007
President: Tim Sutherland
Phone: (586) 939-0880
For membership info contact:
MCODSA Admin. Office (800) 99-CIVIL
3105 S. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Lansing, MI 48910
New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association (NJPPSA)
Chartered in 2002
President: Gerald Colasurdo
Phone: (973) 403-1700
For membership info contact:
Ethel Smith (732) 431-9112
378 Taylors Mills Road
Englishtown, NJ 07726
New York State Professional Process Servers Association (NYSPPSA)
Chartered in 2002
President: Lawrence Yellon
Phone: (516) 248-8270
For membership info contact:
Vincent or Robert Gillis (631) 503-7076
PO Box 632
Moriches, NY 11955
Oregon Association of Process Servers, Inc. (OAPS)
Chartered in 1995
President: Matt Klein
Phone: (541) 335-2258
For membership info contact:
Carrie Ellish (503) 241-0636
Texas Process Servers Association (TPSA)
Chartered in 2002
President: Kathy Burrow
Phone: (254) 399-9400
For membership info contact:
Brenda Atteberry (254) 399-9400
815-A Brazos Street
Austin, TX 78701
Washington State Process Servers Association (WSPSA)
Chartered in 1988
President: Robert A. Woodworth, Jr.
Phone: (206) 652-2692
For membership info contact:
Eric Vennes (206) 356-0875
13300 Bothell Everett Hwy., Box #674
Mill Creek, WA 98012