NAPPS Convention: Ethical Business Practices? She Wrote the Book On It

We all strive to be as ethical as possible, especially these days as our industry faces intense scrutiny in the wake of issues of sewer service and heightened regulations. NAPPS had Kitty Hailey in to speak on the topic, an advocate of professionalism who literally wrote the books on ethics.  Author of The Code of Professional Conduct: Stands and Ethics for the Investigative Profession, Kitty has been named New Jersey Investigator of the Year and speaks around the country.

One of Kitty’s main speaking points was how you shouldn’t be giving away ANY of your work or expertise for free.  For those of you who have read our article on how we feel about free process service, Kitty’s speech was directly in line with our thoughts (and we didn’t even talk to her beforehand!).  She made the excellent point that as process servers, we have a skill and knowledge that others don’t.

As a part of process serving, the ability to locate new addresses is an often underestimated source of potential revenue for process servers.  Without this information, the clients would often be unable to move forward or would have a difficult time performing such searches on their own.  Kitty’s advice: Rather than giving away information for free, realize that you offer a valuable service and charge accordingly.

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