Process Server Bloopers and Video Reels

While many of DGR’s own staff didn’t get a chance to make it up to the convention, we all got a kick out of watching our President Jerry on some of the reels put together by Serve Now.  As President of the New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association, Jerry was interviewed on a number of topics. 


One of our personal favorite is this series of bloopers:


Check out Jerry and many of the other association leaders out as they talk about challenges facing the process serving industry:

Also take a look at the article ServeNow did to sum up these challenges:

We’ll be discussing these in more details in our coming posts. Don’t worry – we plan on finishing our NAPPS mini-series first!

They also interviewed process servers who were general members on the importance of attending conventions:

You can follow Serve Now on Twitter at @ServeNow.  Be sure to share this post and let them know what you think of all their work!




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