Is Your Messenger Service Using Employees?

New Jersey messenger serviceLaw firms consistently entrust important packages and documents to messengers, sometimes at the last minute with an important deadline to meet. The question is, is your messenger service using employees? If not you may want to reconsider if you’re using a messenger company who uses independent contractors for a number of important reasons.

1. Employees are required to follow specific rules; independent contractors are not.

The very essence of an independent contractor means the messenger service utilizing them cannot provide them with any instructions as how to carry out their job. This could easily result in issues arising in how your deliveries are handled.

Employees however, are trained and often required to follow specific rules. All of this is done in order to make sure that the drivers are safe, on time and professional when dealing with both you and your adversaries. All of this training is developed based on experience, so you know your employee-based messenger service company is using best practices to stay as effective as possible.

2. Liability and Insurance

What happens if the messenger you’re using gets into an accident? Who is responsible? Independent contractors are supposed to carry their own insurance, but how do you know for sure they are? The messenger service may not do periodic check ups on their independent contractors’ insurance to make sure it is still in place.

With an employee based company, all messengers are covered under the umbrella of the company’s insurance policy.

3. Professionalism and appearance.

When working for a company as employees messengers are generally required to wear a particular uniform and keep up an appearance of professionalism. When your documents are delivered to the court or your adversary, the appearance of the messenger is also a reflection upon your firm. A uniformed, professional messenger helps project a positive image.

4. Timing of delivery

Independent contractors may work for a number of messenger service companies at a time. Where will your delivery fit in their route when they have packages from multiple companies to take care of?

With employees, their sole focus is on the deliveries their company is handling. This means your packages are their priority. At DGR we don’t piggy-back any of your deliveries, so once your package is picked up it’s going directly to where it needs to be delivered.

With only employees and no independent contractors, using DGR’s messenger service means you get trained professionals who look the part. If you use our services regularly, odds are you’ll recognize the messenger who arrives to pick up your package.

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