4 Reasons You Should Use A Messenger Service

New Jersey messenger serviceWondering whether to use a messenger service or go with another delivery method? Here are 4 reasons to use a messenger service:

You need something somewhere quickly.

Need to send something to an adversary? File something with the court before 4pm? A messenger service can make sure that happens.

At DGR for example, when you call us we can usually have someone at your door in thirty minutes. Even better, know you’ll have a delivery ready at 1pm? Give us a call in the morning to let us know and we’ll have someone there. No waiting, no scrambling to get somewhere when you have other things to do. Which leads us to….

You don’t have time to do it yourself.

You’re busy. You have tasks that are piling up and your time is better spent whittling down your to-do list and addressing more urgent matters that require your expertise.

Your delivery takes priority.

With UPS and FedEx many times your same day delivery is often being shipped alongside others without any particular priority.

Using a messenger service means your service gets priority. At DGR, our messengers handle one delivery at a time which means when you’re delivery is picked up it’s going directly to where it needs to be.

Messengers know what they’re doing and where they’re going

From back roads to avoid traffic and accidents to being on a first name basis with many of the court staff, our trained messengers can take valuable time off a delivery. Individuals and companies who have been handling messenger service for years know the ins and outs and best ways to make your delivery is completed on time.


Looking for a New Jersey messenger service? DGR is here to help, with available staff and messengers and email notifications of completed delivery. Contact us today for more information.

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