Why Your Messenger Service Needs To Be Familiar With Courts

New Jersey messenger serviceWhen choosing a messenger service to handle your same day deliveries to courthouses, it’s important to choose a messenger who is familiar with the courts.

In a trial, there are inevitable last minute situations. Having a courier who knows the court system may mean your motion will be filed on time. Otherwise it could mean delaying your case.

A messenger who is knowledgeable with the court system won’t spend time circling the courthouse looking for a place to park. They will know exactly where to go, which parking lot has the best chance of an empty space and when it is worthwhile to spend the money to park when there is a deadline to meet. If they’re a common enough figure at the courthouses, some courts will even let them park directly in front for the time it takes them to run in and make the delivery.

Once they’re in the courthouse, an experienced messenger will know where to bring their delivery. No taking time to read signs or ask for directions. Only an immediate move to where you delivery needs to end up.

Messenger services who are familiar with the courts also know what is and is not allowed in each court. They won’t be trying to bring a water bottle inside with them or being delayed by the many metals items they need to remove to get through the courthouse metal detector. Experienced messengers who know there is only a short time to complete a delivery will know not to wear a belt or bring extra keys or change into the courthouse in order to expedite their trip through the metal detector.

Whether you are a trial attorney with frequent last minutes deliveries or filings going to the courts, or an attorney who is looking for an every- day messenger, it’s important to choose a courier service who is knowledgeable and professional. From personal knowledge of the most efficient way to get into the court including parking and metal detectors to being able to locate the correct destination, an experienced courier service could be the difference between your motion being filed or not.

Is that a risk you’re willing to take? If not, give DGR a call so we can send you our rates for our same-day New Jersey messenger service. With employees and not independent contractors in every county, many of whom have been with DGR for more than 10 years and know the courts inside and out, we can handle any delivery, anywhere.

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