How A Good Same Day Messenger Could Make a Crucial Difference

In the legal world, a same-day messenger can play a crucial role in making sure that a case moves forward or that a motion or response is received by the court in time. The consequences for a missed delivery can be disastrous and extremely expensive, not to mention difficult to explain to a client.

When you have a motion that’s still be prepared and won’t be ready until 3pm, it’s important to know you have a courier you can trust to deliver the documents where they need to be on time. There’s a lot to be considered on each and every run, especially with last minute deliveries where every minute counts. Bergen County to Trenton at 2:30pm on a Friday? Five minutes could make or break filing on time.

An experienced and professional courier will take all of the following into consideration, know the answers and be prepared for the quickest delivery possible:

  • Where is the nearest parking? Are there pay meters that require change?
  • Are there multiple buildings for the court? Where are the Judge’s chambers located in the court building?
  • Have items that will set off the metal detector and delay delivery been left in the car?
  • What is the best possible route to the delivery destination based on current time of day and traffic/construction conditions?

It’s also important that your messenger doesn’t combine your delivery with another. For example, if there is another law firm in your area with a delivery whose destination is en route to your delivery destination, a quality messenger will send another driver rather than piggy back on to yours. Delivery of legal documents and information requires priority attention for each and every delivery.

A professional messenger will keep their client updated, notify them of any potential travel time issues and alert them when delivery has been completed. Make sure not to risk meeting a deadline or filing date because of your same-day messenger. The right same-day messenger can be a crucial difference.

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