Why You Should Use An Independent Process Server

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independent process serverIndependent process servers play a vital role in helping to maintain the right to the due process. Not to be confused with necessarily being an independent contractor, independent process servers are those servers who are not directly employed by the courts.

While some independent process servers are court appointed, they are not directly employees of the court. The large majority of private process servers are not court appointed and are contacted directly by law firms.

There a number of reasons why firms should utilize private process servers. A survey back in 2011 by ServeNow of paralegals, legal assistants and legal secretaries clearly revealed why independent process servers should be used over the sheriff’s department. Here are some of the findings:

  • Sheriffs only received 2.55/5 for customer service, while private process servers saw an average rating of 4.28/5
  • 90% of the time independent process servers are faster than the sheriff

78% of all the respondents preferred independent process servers to the sheriff. The average $14 more that private process servers cost is far outweighed by the speed of service and customer service received.

Independent process servers’ sole focus is effectuating service for their clients, whereas the sheriff’s department has a large number of other responsibilities to take care of. Oftentimes service of process takes a back seat to other important duties. When using a private process server, legal professionals can rest assured that their service and satisfaction is a priority.

Take a look at the video ServeNow put together of their survey findings:

Process Server vs Sheriff


Next time you are questioning whether or not to use an independent process server, consider the level of service and turn-around time you receive in comparison to the sheriff.


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