NJ Process Servers Seek Immunity From Trespass

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immunity from trespass process server

immunity from trespass process serverNJ process servers are seeking to gain immunity from trespass through another already existing bill, SB 2545, which would allow communities to be able to appoint receivers for vacant and abandoned foreclosures in order to expedite the process.

According to the New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association:

“There exists a statute, N.J.S.A. 2A:50-53. et seq, that allows for mortgage lenders to seek expedited mortgage foreclosures for residential properties that are determined to be vacant or abandoned.  Those determinations are often done by process servers.  In so doing, there is a risk that the person conducting those inquiries may be exposed to trespass allegations, especially when looking into a home that is actually occupied.”

NJPPSA is joining with the Community Associations Institute (CAI-NJ) to support the bill.

“In our efforts to seek protection for private process servers in New Jersey, we have joined CAI-NJ in its efforts, and have submitted recommendations to Senator Ronald Rice that the bill be further amended to include an immunity from trespass provision for persons, including process servers, who conduct those inquiries.  We ask you to join CAI-NJ, and NJPPSA, in support of those amendments by communicating to Senator Rice.  Please mention that his proposed bill should include immunity from trespass as recommended by NJPSSA.

Help New Jersey process servers in their efforts to gain immunity from trespass in foreclosures. Contact Senator Rice in support of the bill of be sure to mention the bill should include immunity from trespass for process servers.

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