Happy National Due Process Day!

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National Due Process Day

Today is National Due Process Day, organized by NAPPS as a public awareness campaign to help others better understand due process rights and the role process servers play in that system.

We’ve previously blogged about how process servers help to preserve individuals’ due process rights and think this is a fantastic idea which will hopefully educate the public about the importance of personal service.  Cleverly celebrated on the day of the introduction of the 5th amendment, which along with the 14th protects due process rights, we’re happy to take part in this event and hope you’ll do the same!

While many are interested in process service primarily for the “entertainment factor” there is a much bigger picture to the service we provide.  Not only is process service generally not what is shown on television or in the movies, but it also comes with a lot more respect for the legal system and the process than most people think.  On a daily basis process servers work to maintain these basic rights, showing this through the integrity of each service we perform.

As a NAPPS member, DGR is committed to the guidelines the association promotes, but also adheres to them for the purpose of ensuring that each person receives protection of their rights they deserve.  The more people who recognize this, the greater defense there will be against rulings that could diminish personal service, such as electronic service.

We’ll be busy getting the word out today and hope you’ll join us by tweeting, posting to Facebook or just telling your neighbor!

Happy National Due Process Day!




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