How To Choose the Right Family Law Process Server

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The initial serving of matrimonial matters can sometimes be a difficult situation. It is important to know how to choose the right family law process server.

When documents are being served to initiate divorce proceedings, many times emotions are running high and the initiating party would like to avoid confrontation if possible.  There is also the consideration of children in these matters as many parents try to limit their children’s exposure to the divorce process as much as possible.

Because of the many factors involved, the right process server will ask a number of questions to make sure the documents are served at an appropriate time and location. At DGR we have a very specific intake sheet for family law services, making sure we know all of the information needed to not only get the service completed, but to complete it according to the wishes of the firm and their client.

As process servers specializing in family law, we also make sure to get as many details as possible on the subject. The need for multiple attempts can often result in the defendant evading service, which makes an emotional time even more so for the plaintiff.  Having a description, photo and available times all help to ensure service is effectuated on the first attempt.

It’s also important to choose a family law process server who will pay attention to the specific instructions given by the client. In an attempt to avoid the children witnessing the initial service, many plaintiffs will request the process server to not complete or attempt service if they notice there are children in the household at the time. This is clearly something which is important to the client and at DGR we make sure to always accommodate these types of requests, even if it means going back to the residence at another date and time.

Does your current process server do all of the above when handling your family law cases? If not, contact us today to see the difference when using an experienced family law process server.


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