Is Your Messenger Service Making This Costly Mistake?

Whoever you’re using for your New Jersey messenger service, make sure they’re not making this one move that could be costing you on-time delivery and filing. New Jersey messenger service

When you choose a messenger service, it’s because you need something delivered to a particular location by a certain time. However, when using a messenger service who piggy-backs their deliveries, you can start to run into problems with deliveries not arriving on time.

What exactly is piggy-backing? After picking up your package to be delivered, your messenger service may then go on to pick up deliveries from another 2-3 locations before beginning the delivery part of the route. This means a package picked up at 11am that you anticipated being delivered by 12pm is now arriving at 3pm.

Or even worse: your important filing that needed to reach the courthouse by 4 now gets there after the court is closed.

That’s a disaster which could have been avoided by using a messenger service who doesn’t piggy-back their deliveries. When using DGR’s New Jersey messenger service, you can be sure when we pick up a delivery we are headed directly to the drop-off location. Your delivery is always our messengers sole priority.

So the next time you’re talking to your New Jersey messenger service, ask them if they piggy-back any of their deliveries. If so, you may want to avoid any future complications  by switching to a messenger service where your delivery always comes first.



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