Correction in Regard to Maryland Bill 554

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In a previous blog post we had discussed Maryland Bill 554. I was incorrect in our statement that the bill had been withdrawn. Our understanding of this had been influenced in part by hearing from several MAAPPS members when we were only aware of the Senate bill and not the House bill.

In order to clear up any confusion I spoke with the MAAPPS legislative chairperson, Michelle Dwojewski. It seems as though what happened was that a bill was cross filed with both the Maryland House and Senate in regard to process server registration and licensing.  MAAPPS was able to achieve success in convincing the sponsor of House Bill 1291, Delegate Hucker, to withdraw the bill given that MAAPS was already in discussions with the Senate to negotiate terms that were agreeable to both the proponents of the bill and those in the process serving industry.

The chairperson of the Senate Judiciary Committee and sponsor of the bill, Senator Frosh, has made it clear that Senate Bill 554 will not be withdrawn.  It is anticipated that the Senator will not put the bill to vote in this session as it has been agreed on by both sides that substantial revisions are necessary. This will provide time for MAAPPS to come up with “good, alternative legislation that wouldn’t harm our industry and would be beneficial for the proponents” says Michelle.

Updates will be posted, as well as recent discussions with MAAPPS members at our last NJPPSA meeting.

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