Judge Candidate Added to List of Server Assailants


We just posted earlier in the week about a process server assault not receiving more media attention than a single article.  Yet another assault has occurred, again receiving minimal attention.  Although this attack involves a large factor that makes the lack of coverage surprising: the assailant was a judge candidate.

It’s alleged that Michael Rowan, who is a candidate for Davidson County General Sessions judge in Tennessee, attacked process server Jeremy Frank by striking him in the head as he was trying to serve papers from a lawsuit by LexisNexis.  Jeremy’s wife Kasey had been waiting for him in the car and her recollection of the incident paints a picture of a situation that no process server wants to find themselves in.  Particularly interesting is that Kasey had encouraged Jeremy to go back to the door after the first attempt yielded no response, citing the fact that Rowan was an attorney and running for judge so he “wouldn’t do anything unacceptable”.

That clearly turned out not to be the case.  

So why is the issue not getting attention, especially given the fact that it was an attorney involved?  If it were a cop or firefighter who was in the same situation as Jeremy Frank, one can almost be sure that the public would take more notice.  Instead assaults on process servers are seen as a news story that doesn’t deserve covering.

As an industry we must work together to change this.  It can’t be stressed enough – state associations and individual involvement are so important.  Only though legislation and petitioning will process servers gain the level of protection under laws that is needed.  While the large majority of services go ahead without much conflict, if an attack on a process server were to be a felony in all states those serves that do result in violence would certainly be reduced with such a deterrent in place. 


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