Process Servers Taking a Beating – Literally

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Yet another case of violence against a process server has made headlines, but hasn’t received enough attention in the eyes of the Process Servers Association of Colorado. We would have to agree.

In the newest case, a process server was dragged by a car for several blocks. He had been trying to serve the papers and was grabbed by the arm through the car window as the subject was driving away.

It seems as though the cases of violence and assaults against process servers is increasing. With emotions running high in a time of increased foreclosures and nationwide economic distress, a higher number of assaults is not altogether surprising. 

Some may argue that there have always been a large number of assaults and there are just more media outlets than ever before, simply making it easier to bring such cases to light.  Whatever the case is, the number of assaults popping up across the country has urged many to take action. We cannot allow such actions to go unnoticed.

Some of the stories receive more attention than others. When it is a prominent individual, such as a mayor, that is involved in the altercation there tends to be a bigger spotlight shone on the assault.  But for the most part these attacks quickly come and go through the news cycle. 

Steven Glenn, President of the Process Servers Association of Colorado is calling on the association’s members to support the individual who was assaulted, as well as generate media and look into the possibility of a bill similar to the ones in Illinois and New York. He’s determined not to let this recent attack fall by the wayside and go unnoticed by the public.

As far as we can tell, there was just this one little article on the incident.  Let’s all be sure to send whatever support we can to the association and to spread this news story.


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