5 Things That Happened in Process Service in 2014

Process Service 20142015 saw some interesting legislation changes as well as the continuation of NYC issues with the DCA. Let’s take a look at 5 things that happened in process service in 2014.

Florida almost loses private process server program in Orange County

In August, the Sheriff’s Department of Orange County, one of the largest counties in Florida, announced they would be phasing out the private process server program. Thankfully due to the work of FAPPS and other process servers, Chief Judge Lauten signed an administrative order creating a certified private process server program in Orange County, essentially overriding the Sheriff’s decision.

While private process servers will have to pay a fee, take a written examination and be certified, they will still be able to serve in Orange County as a result.

New York continues DCA battle

New York City process servers and NYSPPSA saw their lawsuit against the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) dismissed in August. The complaint had focused on the subpoenas being issued with express directives to prevent the recipient from notifying anyone, violating the right to counsel among other accusations.

Despite this, New York process servers did score some victories against the DCA this year. A concession was granted allowing process servers who failed the required exam to find out which questions they answered incorrectly. A grace period was also granted to process servers back in February when the DCA failed to send out license renewals with adequate time to respond.

Florida process servers get easier access to service at work

An amendment to a Florida statute passed this year will make it easier for process servers to serve at an individual’s place of work. The statute states Florida employers must allow the service of process on an employee or face a fine.

Illinois process servers gain access to gated communities

Thanks to passed SB 3286 Illinois process servers now have access to gated communities while serving.

New York assault bill placed on hold

While New York successfully saw a bill making assault on a process server a felony pass the Senate, it was not placed on the Assembly’s agenda for this year. It is hoped to be voted on next year.

 Let’s see what 2015 brings for the process service industry. Wishing everyone a happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2015

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