Translation Nation: Considerations for International Process Service


Trying to effectuate service to a non-English speaker? What about a bilingual individual living in a foreign country? Whatever your circumstances, you’ll likely need translation services in order for your case to hold up in court. Here’s how to know when it’s time to seek out our translation experience and keep your legal proceedings on track. 

Translation requirements for international process service

The requirements for effectuating service internationally are complex, and the stakes are high—failure to comply with the regulations outlined by each country and its application convention or treaty can result in incomplete service or even a dismissed case.

For example, in order to complete service to member states of the Hague Service Convention, all documents must be served in the official language of the country, or include a complete translation of every English-language document.

But for countries that are not members of the Hague Service Convention, service via the more traditional Letters Rogatory may be required. Letters Rogatory are a formal request from the judge or court of one country to the judicial authority of a foreign country asking them to recognize the authority of the domestic court and to authorize the completion of process service. 

In order for the foreign court to recognize the request of the Letters Rogatory, the request must comply with that country’s laws, and in the case of effectuating service, that may require a full translation of all the documents involved in the case.

Additional translation requirements 

Because the requirements for international process service are so complex, individuals can waste countless hours and incur enormous legal fees if they attempt to complete process service internationally without the aid of an experienced process server. And in the worst-case scenario, an incorrect attempt at completing service may result in a case being dismissed altogether.  

Avoid trying to navigate the complexities of international process service on your own and rely on a trusted process server with international experience to manage all your translation and process service needs. Whether it’s translating documents into one language or three all while figuring out which countries participate in which treaties, we’re here to make sure your case proceeds as quickly as possible. 

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