The Best Podcasts, Social Media Accounts, Podcasts, Websites, and Tools for Paralegals

The work life of a paralegal is fast-paced. You need to be adaptable, intuitive, and able to handle a wide range of topics and tasks with skill. You have to be in the know on a huge range of issues. Do you also have time to keep track of all the social media and websites? Podcasts? Work tools and resources? 

Let us take one thing off your plate. Here’s the shortlist of content to get you started.

Social media sites

Paralegals often find themselves tasked with assisting in their firm’s marketing work, especially in small practices. Get inspired by these accounts.

ABA (Twitter)

There are more legal professionals on Twitter than you could follow. So go right to the main source of information with the American Bar Association’s Twitter account. You’ll find the scope on best practices, legal developments, and other useful news.

Norton Rose Fulbright (Instagram)

This Insta is beautifully photographed and intriguing. It’s creator takes a global perspective with #Lawsfromaroundtheworld. A bit of escapism, a bit of education. What’s not to love? 

Sam Bernstein Law (Facebook)

We didn’t expect a law firm in Michigan to have over 34,000 followers. But seeing how consistent and well-executed their content is, we get it. Take notes on their use of video and consistent shoutouts to their community!


Podcasts may be a newer media channel, but we wish they’d been around forever. Access to a huge range of topics delivered by intriguing hosts while on the go? Sign us up, please. Here are some great ones to get you started. 

The Anxious Lawyer

While this podcast is titled “The Anxious Lawyer,” the content applies just as well to anyone working in the legal profession. This podcast focuses on practicing mindfulness as a way to better handle the intense demands of this career field.

Court Junkie

If you loved Law and Order but also appreciate knowing the context and legal concepts behind the cases, this podcast is for you. Court Junkie takes a look at notable court cases, unpacking what happened both inside and outside of the courtroom. 

Serial (Season 3)

Serial rose to popularity in 20– with their investigation of Adnan Said and the death of his girlfriend in 19–. Now in their third season, this podcast takes a deep dive into the criminal justice system in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s – in all seriousness – riveting.

Websites and Blogs

Let’s face it, there aren’t nearly as many dedicated websites for paralegals as there should be…but these ones are hugely helpful for whatever stage of your career you’re in.


A helpful site for paralegals just starting out. This website covers paralegal training and educational programs, job searching, and career options. It also has a great salary index and a job board for those on the lookout for positions.

My Paralegal Place

Just what the paralegal ordered. This site is focused 100% on resources for paralegals. Job hunting, training, and workplace issues are just a few of the things that the author covers. The site comes with a thoroughly helpful reading list!

Above the Law

No matter what your role is in the legal industry, you should be reading Above the Law. Founded by David Lat in 2006, this website is a go-to resource for legal trends, news, and resources. 


Apps, web-based platforms, and browser extensions can add a huge boost to your work life. These are some that we can’t do without.

Pocket Justice

Court cases that fit in your back pocket…or at least on your phone. Faster – and arguably better – than Google at finding legal information on the fly. 

Process Street

Keep track of your law firm’s processes and checklists with this platform. Onboarding, collaboration, task management, and document creation? Yes, please. 

Serene (Mac only)

If you’re an Apple fan, this productivity tool is incredibly helpful at organizing your to-do list, setting goals, and maintaining focus. If you’ve ever wished you could just turn off the internet (at least without going through the trouble of unplugging your router!) so you could stay on task, you’ll want to check Serene out.


Keep your writing flawless with this eagle-eyed browser extension that catches all of your tipos typos. Bonus: you get a weekly report on your writing – a major confidence boost on your productivity levels. 

Being a paralegal is a complex job, but it’s a challenge worth tackling. What tools and resources have you found yourself inspired or motivated by?

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