Maryland Bill 554 Withdrawn: The Power of State Associations

Edit: After speaking with a MAAPPS representative we have been informed that it was House Bill 1291 and not Senate Bill 554 which was retracted. The bills were filed nearly simultaneously in both the House and the Senate. MAAPPS succeeded in having them withdraw the Bill from the house and convincing them to allow MAAPPS input into the crafting of the Bill. Read more details here.

We have received word that as of 5pm last night the sponsor of Maryland Bill 554 sent his aid to withdraw the bill. Even better, those who support the bill have agreed to meet with MAAPPS in May to see what type of legislation would be agreeable to them. 

Seeing the results of what has been accomplished in a short period of time is a great example of what can be done when a state has an established and effective association and is supported by outside state associations. Without MAAPPS, this bill may have gone unchallenged on the level it did. Instead, numerous NJPPSA members sent letters in opposition to the bill, as did many others.  By taking charge and reaching out to other associations MAAPPS was able to rally a large group to their cause, resulting in their ultimate goal being accomplished.

Congratulations to all Maryland process servers!

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