How To Get the Most out of Your Process Server – Part 2

In this edition of the DGReport&Serve, we talk about part 2 of what what you can do to get service completed faster and keep your cases moving forward in this two part series.

Hello, and welcome to DGR Report and Serve, server news that you can use.

So this is going to be part two of what I spoke about previously about service upon an individual, and what information you need ahead of time.

Let’s get a little bit deeper into that and go as far as, do you have a driver’s license number for that individual? Some companies like us are online with the DMV services and we could actually look up the subject’s last known address or current address, as far as DMV records are concerned. So, if the server went out there and he wasn’t supplied with an alternate address, we may find an alternate address for service at that time.

The other thing that you want to do is find out if you’re serving a company. Provide the server with information about the offices or registered agents of that company. It’s a lot different if the server’s out there in the field and he’s asking for a company at a home address than it is when you walk into a business itself. So, if we know the individual’s name, such as the officer or registered agent, we can go ask for the company and then ask for the registered agent at the home address.

That makes our life a lot easier, your services a lot quicker.

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