How To Get The Most Out of Your Process Server – Part 1


In this edition of the DGReport&Serve, we talk about what what you can do to get service completed faster and keep your cases moving forward in this two part series.

Hello, and welcome to today’s segment of DGR Report and Serve, server news that you can use. I want to talk about service upon individuals in two parts.

First, I want to cover when you’re providing process server with the documents for service, that you should provide them with some important aspects when they go out into the field.

Number one is, do you have a photograph or a description of the person that you’re serving? Provide that to the process server so that they can go out there and if somebody answers the door and claims that they’re not the subject, and they have a picture of them, they know right away they can drop the service right on them.

Number two, what other information about them that you have, such as alternate addresses. When a process server’s in the field, if he does go to an address and that person had moved or maybe the address is vacant, they know to have a second or alternate address that they can go to right away, and that way they don’t waste your time and money by having to contact you and ask you for that information.

The other thing is, do you have descriptions of vehicles at the property and known schedules? For instance, do you know that the person maybe has two jobs, and they leave early in the morning for their first job, and won’t come home until late in the evening? Provide that to the process server.

Provide the vehicles and any details about the license plates that you may have. Some process servers like us have access to databases and DMV records that could help us assist in the service.

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