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NYSPPSA 2014 Conference Registration Open

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The New York State Professional Process Servers Association (NYSPPSA) put out a Save the Date for their 2014 Conference a while back, but they’ve officially started registration.

Here’s some details on NYSPPS’s 10th annual conference:

When: October 10th-12th, 2014

Where: Westchester Marriot
670 White Plains Road
Tarrytown, NY

Here is a link to the registration forms. Hope to see you there!



NJPPSA To Hold Networking BBQ

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The New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association will be holding a networking BBQ. The event is open not only to NJPPSA members, but also their staff and family in addition to any other process server.

Where: Turkey Swamp Park
                  Sandy Run Shelter
                  200 Georgia Road
                  Freehold, NJ 07728

When: August 16th, 2014 from 12pm-4pm

This park is comprised of over 2200 acres including a seventeen acre lake, and offers opportunities for fishing, boating, camping, hiking, and archery. NJPPSA has reserved a covered pavilion that will 100+ people.

The event will include activities for children, family and friends. Just bring chairs, your family, and process serving friend, or employees, and a side dish or dessert.

If you are interested in attending please call Ethel Smith at 732-431-9112.


NYSPPSA Enters Comments for Consumer Credit Collection Proposals

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The New York State Professional Process Servers Association (NYSPPSA) has submitted comments in response to proposed reforms to consumer credit collection cases.

The April 30th memo calling for comments includes a number of items, all aimed at preventing unwarranted default judgments. One of the items states “The court will not enter default judgment in any case where the additional notice is returned to the court because of a wrong or unknown address”. Currently in New York, after three attempts to serve an individual are made, the process server can then post the summons and complaint and then must also mail a certified copy. Under the new proposal, the court would not be able to enter a default judgment if the mailed copy comes back as the incorrect address.

The NYSPPSA response points out a 2009 rule, 208.6(h), which allows a default judgment to be entered when the address is obtained through a certified abstract and matches the summons and complaint.

You can read a copy of NYSPPSA’s response and the memo here.


PSACO Takes Huge Step With Live Streaming of Conference

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The Process Servers Association of Colorado (PSACO) is offering a first for process servers at its 2nd Annual PACES Conference: the ability to stream the conference live and download video afterward of the conference for only $25.

In an industry where many are heavily involved in the day to day operations of their company and can’t take time off for every state conference, this new option is a great way to still stay involved. By having the videos available for download, individuals can watch the conference at their own convenience.  Serve-Now will be hosting the event at their offices to facilitate the streaming.

As the first association to offer this, PASCO is hopefully setting an example others will soon follow. Not only is it important for process servers to be knowledgeable about what is happening in the industry in order to be better prepared, the conferences also provide any opportunity to gain new tips and insight for business practices.

The conference, set for April 26th in Denver, has quite the line-up:

Growing Your Process Serving Business, Michael Kern (CALSPro President)

Employee or Independent Contractor: Who Is What and Why Do I Care?,Laura Hazen (Attorney at H&K Law)

Process Server Assault Legislation, Steve Glenn (PSACO President, NAPPS Board of Directors)

Business Tips for Process Servers, Adam Camras (CEO, ServeNow)

Preparing Your Business for Sale, Paula Ashcraft (Industry Consultant)

Getting the Most Out of Professional Affiliations¸ Ruth Reynolds (NCAPPS President, NAPPS Director)

Advanced Skip Tracing Techniques, Mike Dorres (President & Lead Investigator, Mike Dores Investigations)

TLO Virtual Tour: Tips and Tricks, Neil Caddell (TLO Analyst)

Using Quickbooks 2013 for Increased Profit, Chris A. Johnson (CPA, PFS, Werner Group)


You can register at:


We’ve already signed up over here! While booking airfare and a hotel may not be feasible for everyone, $25 is a remarkably low fee to have to pay to be able to see what happens at the PASCO Conference. 


NYSPPSA Charging Assessment Fee to Members to Support DCA Fight

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The New York Professional Process Servers Association (NYSPPSA) has decided to institute a $100 assessment fee to its members to assist in their fight against the DCA.

NYSPPSA has indicated the fee will go toward a publicist who will work to gain exposure of the current situation NYC process servers are facing.  Both Crain’s and the New York Law Journal have published articles already as a result of the work of the NYSPPSA publicist, Danny Frank. A press conference in Albany was recently held to address both DCA issues and the assault bill NYSPPSA is hoping to pass.

To further assist in the battle against the DCA, a committee has been established to communicate with the politicians both in the city and statewide about the DCA’s actions. The committee is being chaired by Gail Kagan and includes Larry Yellon, Bill Mlotok and Joel Graber.


New Jersey Process Servers Elect New Board

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New Jersey process servers voted in the 2014 board for the The New Jersey professional Process Servers Association (NJPPSA) at the 2013 Holiday Party and Elections on Saturday, January 18th at Maggiano’s.

There was a discussion of the goals for 2014 and what the NJPPSA members hoped to see happen. There are several points which will be the focus of NJPPSA for 2014:

  • Expanding membership by reaching out to process servers in the contiguous states to remind them about the association and that the bylaws were recently changed to allow members from contiguous states to vote and serve on the board
  • Increase the number of certification courses offered as there are a number of interested people
  • Hold either a day or weekend conference with speakers targeted at developing a better business as well as process service current events
  • Pinpoint the major legislative changes we would like to see happen in the next legislative session and create and implement a plan of action

The new board members were also voted in at the meeting:

President: John Perez

Vice-President: Michael Doyle

Treasurer: Ethel Smith

                Secretary: Amanda Sexton

                Directors:  Jerry Colasurdo, John Hiltwine, Brian Zavodnick


We are looking forward to seeing John Perez at the helm increasing membership and activity within the association in the upcoming year.





4 Reasons to Attend a Process Server State Association Meeting

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Many of us are members of a process server state association, which is a great start. But if your state has an association you can go a step further by attending the meetings.  You should be taking advantage of all the resources these associations have to offer.  Attending meetings has a number of benefits including:


Part of being a process server is staying up to date on rulings and effective service. One of the best ways to do that is to be in touch with your state association. With an ear to the ground for any new bills, rule changes and general accepted best practices, association leaders are a great resource to tap to stay up to date.

Have a say

Want to see legislation introduced? Have something to say about an upcoming association decision? The only way to be a truly active part of these movements is to show up in person and get involved. Going to meetings will give you the chance to speak with those heading such actions and to even become a part of the process yourself.

Create a strong front

While it will always be true that associations will have a more active membership when there is an issue uniting the members, creating a solid foundation makes it more likely taking on these issues will be a success. When legislation is introduced that poses a potential threat to the process service industry, swift action can be necessary.

In the case of Mid-Atlantic Association of Process Servers (MAAPPS), they had only 10 days to prepare to oppose a bill that would have created extremely expensive bonds and fees for process servers.  Thankfully their association had developed a strong membership base and they were able to keep the bill from passing. Cases like these show just how important it is to have an active state association.


As with any business, networking is always important. Increasing visibility, starting business relationships and finding a mentor are the tips of the iceberg when it comes to reason to network.

Now you know a few of the reasons why it’s important to become an active member of your state association if there is one near you. So what are you waiting for? Check out this list of state associations and get involved!


Georgia Process Servers Sue Sheriffs for Right to Serve

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The Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers (GAPPS) has recently taken on the Sheriffs in their state.

After much lobbying, in 2010 Georgia private process servers gained the ability to serve process in addition to the previously allowed sheriffs or deputies, court marshals, special appointees and those appointed by a superior, state or magistrate court. The newly amended law required private process servers to become certified first.

There was also one additional proviso to the statute – they would be allowed to serve “provided that the sheriff of the county for which process is to be served allows such servers to serve process in such county”.  This section was added in when the Georgia Sheriffs Association agreed to not oppose the bill if it allowed each sheriff the decision of whether or not to allow private process servers.

Fast forward two years and what has happened shows the sheriffs most likely had no intention of ever allowing private process servers to actually serve.  All but one of the 159 sheriffs in the state have decided they would not allow certified process servers in their county. Despite 123 individuals currently being listed as certified process servers, the actions of the sheriffs have effectively created a blockade against these servers.

With the help of funding from the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS), GAPPS hopes to have the sheriffs’ actions declared unconstitutional and has filed a petition naming multiple respondents. The basis of this argument is the creation of the law is part of legislative authority, and the sheriffs’ ability to deny all process servers the right to serve is “an unconstitutional delegation of legislative authority to the Sheriffs because it permits them to effectively repeal the statute.”

In an article in the NAPPS publication, The Docket Sheet, the president of GAPPS Deb Duchon estimates costs to reach between $100,000 and $200,000 before the issue is resolved. So far, GAPPS has been granted $8,553.99 from NAPPS after requesting a grant from the Legislative Fund.  Litigation is expensive but the cost of not doing anything comes at an even higher price for those serving in Georgia.


GAPPS is accepting contributions to their fund. Any contributions can be made out to the “GAPPS Litigation Fund” and sent to:

GAPPS Litigation Fund

Post Office Box 7710

Atlanta, GA 303574-0710


WSPSA New Board of Directors

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The Washington State Process Servers Association (WSPSA) recently had their annual conference in Seattle on September 27-29.  Everyone who attended the conference received the 3 continuing legal education credits.

Congratulations to the new Board of Directors voted in at the conference!

President: Robin K Mullins, Senior WaCPS
1st Vice President: Gary Turpen
2nd Vice President: Gail Sauerland
Secretary: Keith Ellis
Treasurer: Darcel Nootenboom
Southwest Director: Charles Rhodes
Eastern Director: John Sauerland
Northwest Director: Bryan Milbradt
Past President: Matt Klein


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Maryland Bill 554 Withdrawn: The Power of State Associations

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Edit: After speaking with a MAAPPS representative we have been informed that it was House Bill 1291 and not Senate Bill 554 which was retracted. The bills were filed nearly simultaneously in both the House and the Senate. MAAPPS succeeded in having them withdraw the Bill from the house and convincing them to allow MAAPPS input into the crafting of the Bill. Read more details here.

We have received word that as of 5pm last night the sponsor of Maryland Bill 554 sent his aid to withdraw the bill. Even better, those who support the bill have agreed to meet with MAAPPS in May to see what type of legislation would be agreeable to them. 

Seeing the results of what has been accomplished in a short period of time is a great example of what can be done when a state has an established and effective association and is supported by outside state associations. Without MAAPPS, this bill may have gone unchallenged on the level it did. Instead, numerous NJPPSA members sent letters in opposition to the bill, as did many others.  By taking charge and reaching out to other associations MAAPPS was able to rally a large group to their cause, resulting in their ultimate goal being accomplished.

Congratulations to all Maryland process servers!