Assault Against Process Servers Becomes Felony Charge in New York

New York process servers will now have additional protection against assaults with the passage of SB2991, which makes assault against a process server a Class D felony.

It took the bill four legislative sessions to finally be passed, but it was worth the wait. In an age where process servers are facing increasing tension and violence, this new law will help to create further penalties for anyone who attacks a process serve. Not only does the new law offer some form of deterrent, but it also provides a means with which to hold assailants accountable for their actions against a process server who is supporting the legal system.

Quote from an article from the Times Union shows clear support of both the Assembly and Senate for the newly passed bill:

“Process servers play an important role in our justice system. It is reprehensible that someone would intentionally injure a process server simply for conducting the business of the courts and citizens of New York State. This new protection will elevate repercussions for those who harm process servers, keeping more New Yorkers safe.”   -Senator Catharine Young

“Process servers are considered the legal system’s delivery agents and should be given the same laws of protection as we do law enforcement agents. This legislation will give process servers the protection they need and deserve and I thank Governor Cuomo for signing it into law.”   -Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow

New York joins California, Florida and Illinois, all who have laws in place making assault against a process server a felony.

A big congratulations is in order for New York process servers and the New York State Professional Process Servers Association (NYSPPSA) who have put in countless hours, funds and determination to help see this bill from development to passage.


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