5 Things to Look for in a New Jersey Process Server


When choosing a New Jersey process server there are several things to keep in mind. There are currently no certification requirements to be a process server in New Jersey, so what qualifications should a process server have?

1.  Price v. return

A low price or a promise of “no serve, no pay” certainly sounds alluring, but that doesn’t provide an assurance of service quality.  Evaluate the price points but also keep in mind what you get in return.  How is their customer service?  Can I be assured that service will be effectuated in keeping with the law?  What type of insurance does your process server include?  Do they have E&O and General Liability? Do they have Workers Compensation? What are their limits of Liability?

It also helps to know that if a company offers a “No serve, No pay” clause, it may force their independent contractor to just drop service upon anyone who answers the door in order to receive payment .  The only incentive to the server in getting paid is to get the paper delivered. The result is the potential for improper service, as the server has no benefit and is actually losing money on non-serves.

2. Association Memberships

Process servers have an extensive number of associations available to them, such as the New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association and the National Association of Professional Process Servers.  Membership in these associations as well as active participation are indicative of professionalism and pride in a process servers’ industry.

3. Customer Service

How many times have you tried to contact customer service only to be left with leaving a message or waiting on hold for 20 minutes?  When it comes to your process service, you should ensure your New Jersey process server provides you with the best customer service available.  Here at DGR we have a commitment to our clients and our availability 24/7 and personal contact with clients are part of that.

4. Background

More experience is a considerable boon in the process serving industry, especially given the rules which must be followed exactly to ensure that the service holds up in court. As a New Jersey Process Server with over 30 years of experience, DGR has the knowledge to ensure your service is effectuated as quickly and efficiently as possible while still adhering to the necessary rules.

5. Independent contractors v. employees

Be cautious of companies which utilize independent contractors.  This can ultimately lead to issues with your New Jersey process server, as by law independent contractors cannot be trained.  The difference is especially critical, as training ensures proper service and affidavits that will hold up in court, eliminating the risk of a case being dismissed with a need to start all over from the beginning due to improper service.



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