Loss Mitigation & Door Knocking Services

We work with clients to take a proactive approach to loss mitigation through a number of services, including door knocking, due diligence searches, property inspections and occupancy inspections.

We know how important it is to have key information to decide the next move in the modification or disposition process.

We make contact with the borrower, deliver loss mitigation documents and go above and beyond to assist our clients through:

  • Verification of address and phone number
  • Individual status for each address
  • Delivery of documents
  • Online access to status updates 24/7
  • Photographs of site location

Don’t know where the borrower is located? Not a problem. Our due diligence department locates borrowers and provides alternate addresses.

DGR also provides a number of other loss mitigation services including:

  • Cash for keys
  • Full time couriers and photographers available

Property/Occupancy Inspections

Our trained professionals provide in-depth reports for all property inspections. DGR offers a number of services including:

  • Obtaining current address of owner
  • Photographs of property
  • Verifying military status
  • Verifying occupants/tenants and rental amounts of property
  • Verifying house condition with physical outer inspection of home
  • Obtaining personal knowledge for verification of occupants.

With loss mitigation requirements constantly changing, we provide cost-effective and fully compliant loss mitigation solutions

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Our Legal Services

Process Service

Fast, reliable service complete with an online portal to track status updates.

Due Diligence Searches

Having problems locating an individual or entity for service? We can help.

Subpoena & UIDDA

Service across state lines made simple with the use of the Uniform Information Discovery and Deposition Act.

International Process Service

From knowing which method of service is best to handling translations, we’ve served around the globe.

Messenger Service

Same-day delivery, where your package is our driver’s only priority and you get a recipient’s signature.

Document Retrieval

The documents and information you need from the courthouse, when you need it.

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