Uber Closes Its Car-Based Messenger Service

UberEssentialsWe wrote an article a while back about what the success of Uber and what the introduction of UberRush, an NYC based courier service, could possibly mean to the future of messenger service.

In August of 2014 Uber also added UberEssentials to its lineup, with the difference being the use of a car rather than a bike to handle its deliveries. This sort of on call delivery service is something that would no doubt create some concern for New Jersey messengers.

Uber decided to test out this venture in Washington D.C. to start, with UberEssentials only delivering “everyday” items so its service offerings wouldn’t be of immediate worry to the courier service industry. The website touts the ability for you to “restock your medicine cabinet, snack drawer, cleaning supply closet and so much more in 10 minutes or less”, all with a tap of your Uber app.

As of January 22nd, Uber has closed this portion of its business and will instead continue to focus on UberRush. The company has yet to announce its future plans about whether or not it will be expanding UberRush to other cities.

The slowdown of Uber’s entrance in the courier service world means a chance for all of those in the messenger service industry to evaluate what change is coming and to prepare for it. While the ease of use and availability of UberRush’s courier service has its appeal, the personal touch and reliability of a direct contact messenger service company will no doubt continue to remain important.

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