Changes in Notary Service Laws in 2015

The February 2015 edition of The National Notary cited some important changes coming up in 2015 in the way of notary service laws.

Stamp itEach state has different laws and requirements for people to become notaries as well as what and how they can notarize.

For example, Pennsylvania will be making it easier to become a notary this year, removing the senatorial endorsement requirement from their notary application. The state will be also be making it easier to obtain power of attorney, allowing another individual to sign on behalf of the principal.

New York on the other hand will be making things harder on its notaries, increasing the penalties for anyone who violates part of the Immigration Assistance Services Enforcement Act. California will also be increasing the penalties for its notaries, instituting a fine of up to $1500 for any notary who is accused of “willfully failing to disclose fully and faithfully the duty and responsibilities of a Notary”. Notaries in California will also be required to include a consumer notice at the top of any certificates of acknowledgement, jurat and proof of execution.

As a sign of the change of the times, notaries in Utah will be able to use electronic signatures in notarizing electronic real property documents as of July 1st.

Notary services will continue to see changes over the next year as well as the introduction of new bills to update notary laws.

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