What Information Property Inspections and Occupancy Inspections Provide

Property InspectionWhen conducting a property inspection or an occupancy inspection, there are several pieces of information one should expect to receive in order to help move forward with a foreclosure case.

Property inspections and occupancy inspections require an individual to go to the address of the property being foreclosed on. Once there, the individual gathers various pieces of information.

At DGR, our employees perform the following tasks at the property address:

Inspect the property

A DGR employee will go and take at the property, recording pertinent information and determining if the property is abandoned including:

  • Overgrown or neglected vegetation
  • Disconnected utilities
  • Absence of furniture
  • Talking to the neighbors

Get tenant information and rental amounts

During the occupancy inspection, we’ll speak with the tenants to get rental amount information as well as a copy of the lease if possible. We’ll also get their names as well as try to get the current address of the owner.


No property inspection is complete without photos. Our employees take clear photos of the property and outside of the home or commercial building, so you can see any details that may be pertinent.

When ordering a property inspection or occupancy inspection, you should be sure you are getting all of the above information and promptly.  With the correct information, you can move forward with your case as smoothly as possible without needing someone to return to the property for further information.

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