Why Process Servers Need Felonies

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On August 12th Illinois made attacking a process server a felony.   Bill Clutter, one of the founders of ILAPPS, helped start the process of making this a law after one of his process servers was nearly choked to death. Those in the industry know how dangerous this line of work can be and it would benefit everyone if all states were to follow in Illinois’ footsteps.

Recently another incident of an attack on a process server has occurred in Arizona, where a server was shot after trying to serve an individual on four separate occasions.  While the process server was able to make it back to his car and is in stable condition, this situation emphasizes the need for increased legislation to protect process servers.  Many states have associations and while there are a number of reasons to belong to your state association, one of the most important is to enact positive legislation for our industry while defending against the negative bills.  ALL states should have legislation making attacking a process server a felony.  The New Jersey Association of Professional Process Servers is currently pursuing this as are other states.

For the safety of yourself and your fellow process servers, consider joining your state association and taking an active role in enacting bills which once passed would provide greater protection to those in our industry.

State Associations (from the NAPPS website):

Arizona Process Servers Association (APSA)
Chartered in 1986
President: Larry Ratcliff
Phone: (928) 367-0510
For membership Info contact:
Patty Chlebanowski (602) 254-7427
P.O. Box 2233
Phoenix, AZ 85002
California Association of Legal Support Professionals (CALSPro)
Chartered in 1985
President: Chad Barger
Phone: (661) 327-8022
For membership info contact:
CALSPro Admin. Office (916) 239-4065
2520 Venture Oaks Way, #150
Sacramento, CA 95833
Florida Association of Professional Process Servers (FAPPS)
Chartered in 1993
President: Bob Musser
Phone: (407) 679-1539
For membership info contact:
Justin Petrae (877) 383-2777
P.O. Box 72
Melbourne, FL 32902-0072
Michigan Court Officer, Deputy Sheriff & Process Servers Association (MCODSA)
Chartered in 2007
President: Tim Sutherland
Phone: (586) 939-0880
For membership info contact:
MCODSA Admin. Office (800) 99-CIVIL
3105 S. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Lansing, MI 48910
New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association (NJPPSA)
Chartered in 2002
President: Gerald Colasurdo
Phone: (973) 403-1700
For membership info contact:
Ethel Smith (732) 431-9112
378 Taylors Mills Road
Englishtown, NJ 07726
New York State Professional Process Servers Association (NYSPPSA)
Chartered in 2002
President: Lawrence Yellon
Phone: (516) 248-8270
For membership info contact:
Vincent or Robert Gillis (631) 503-7076
PO Box 632
Moriches, NY 11955
Oregon Association of Process Servers, Inc. (OAPS)
Chartered in 1995
President: Matt Klein
Phone: (541) 335-2258
For membership info contact:
Carrie Ellish (503) 241-0636
Texas Process Servers Association (TPSA)
Chartered in 2002
President: Kathy Burrow
Phone: (254) 399-9400
For membership info contact:
Brenda Atteberry (254) 399-9400
815-A Brazos Street
Austin, TX 78701
Washington State Process Servers Association (WSPSA)
Chartered in 1988
President: Robert A. Woodworth, Jr.
Phone: (206) 652-2692
For membership info contact:
Eric Vennes (206) 356-0875
13300 Bothell Everett Hwy., Box #674
Mill Creek, WA 98012


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