What Process Servers Have to Be Thankful for in 2015

This year process service saw some interesting developments. Let’s take a look at what process servers have to be thankful for in 2015:

Illinois Association of Process Servers Becomes a Chartered State Association

ILAPPS has been around for a while now and has achieved some considerable accomplishments, including passing a bill that made assault against a process server a felony. Now the association is officially a chartered state association of NAPPS, meaning they’re eligible for funding from the national association for legislative issues, will receive remuneration for NAPPS members who are also ILAPPS members and receive advertising reciprocity.

Hawaii Passes Bill Protecting Process Servers From Trespass

On June 10th Hawaii passed HB87 which protects process servers from criminal trespass. This protection only applies to process servers who are attempting to serve in good faith and doesn’t apply when the premises are surrounded by a locked gate. For more information go here.

Appellate Court Reverses Decision for Log Book Requirement for Process Servers Outside of New York City

A New York Court reversed the June 2013 decision that process servers outside of New York City had to maintain a log book for services performed outside of New York City. This is good news for process servers in New York since the logbook upkeep can take up a good amount of time.


These are just a few of the things we have to be thankful for as process servers in 2015. Have anything else to add? Comment below!

– Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at DGR!

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