NYC Process Servers Now Allowed to View Missed Exam Questions

In the fourth success of Larry Yellon and NYSPPSA, NYC process servers scored another concession from the DCA with the recent approval to allow process servers who failed the exam to see missed questions.

The DCA initially stated they would not allow servers to see missed questions and despite multiple letters and requests from Larry Yellon at the end of February, would not give a response on the matter. However shortly after the federal lawsuit against the DCA was filed, a response was received stating the rules would be changed.  The ability to see these missed test answers only applies to those who have failed. Those who have simply missed a few questions but still passed will not be given information about which questions they answered incorrectly.

NYC process servers currently pay $75.00 and are given two chances to pass the exam. If a server fails both exams, they must then pay $415.00 for the license and exams fees if they want to retake the exam.  This change allows New York City process servers a greater opportunity to pass the exam and avoid having to pay additional fees.

Procedure to receive missed questions:

Email with your name, license number and the date (or dates) that you took the test.

Below is the response from the DCA regarding the change:

I write in response to yesterday’s request of Mr. Yellon of the Process Servers Association as to whether the Department can provide an opportunity to process server renewal applicants to review questions incorrectly answered on the process server test.  Please advise Mr. Yellon that the Department has arranged with Pearson, the contractor administering the test,  for some applicants to be able to review the questions they answer incorrectly.  Because of the large number of applicants, only applicants who have failed the test one or more times and have not subsequently passed it will be able to review
the incorrect answers.

An applicant who has failed the test one or more times and not passed it thereafter may submit an email request to review the questions incorrectly answered on each test.  The Department willestablish a designated email address for the purpose.  The applicant must provide his or her name and license number in the request and the date or dates on which he or she took the test.  Upon receipt of the requested information from Pearson, the Department will send the information to the applicant at the mail address provided by the applicant.

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