New York Process Servers Ask For Emails To Help Get Bill Passed

The New York State Professional Process Servers Association (NYSPPSA) is reaching out to all process servers in an effort to get Bill #3939-A passed. This bill would eliminate the need to keep a physical log book and instead would require the data be secured by a third party contractor. The bill is currently in the Codes Committee, the furthest the bill has moved to date and NYSPPSA is calling on everyone, not just process servers, to help make sure the bill passes.

To make it easy for people to reach out to the appropriate people and show their support, NYSPPSA has put together the following:

  1. Click this link –>Create Email Now
  2. Choose one of the 4 templates below or make it your own. Each email asks for your name, city, and state. DO NOT FORGET TO FILL THAT IN.

Process servers template…

As a long-term resident of (Name of City or State), I am writing today to express my sincere hope that you will act on behalf of the best interests of your constituents by arguing and ultimately voting in favor of the Process Server Records Bill Assembly Bill #3939-A legislation currently in your committee. With recent changes in technology, use of a handwritten log book is outdated. Asking process servers to keep a cumbersome handwritten log and digital records is a waste of time and money. By eliminating the logbook or allowing us a choice of the logbook or Digital record, you will breathe new life into the process serving industry.

I and most of my fellow process servers appreciate the integrity and conviction of your positions in the past, and so we are confident that you will act courageously and clearly to represent the dominant perspective of your constituents at this important moment and into the future.

Small Business Owners template…

I am writing in support Process Server Records Bill Assembly Bill #3939-A. I am a small business owner supporting several employees and my own family.

I have carefully studied the Process Server Records Bill Assembly Bill #3939-A. and I believe it would eliminate the burden of duplicate record keeping. The argument that the handwritten logbook is a necessary tool for the court to prove service simply does not hold up. Digital records are more transparent and taken at the actual time of service. The logbook is simply a transcription of the digital record. This legislation is a much need step towards the future and in keeping with the trends of modern technology. The effect of the legislation on my business will I request that you use your considerable influence in support of this Bill.

People who work in the industry but are not process servers template…

I work in the process serving industry and have many colleagues and friends that are proud to call Process Serving their livelihood.  I am also a long-term resident of (Name of City or State) and a registered voter. Unfortunately, there are practices, like the keeping of a logbook that is obsolete and cost my associates a great deal of time and money.  There is a solution for them in Process Server Records Bill, Assembly Bill #3939-A which is currently in your committee.

I hope that you will support this timely and transformative piece of legislation and keep the New York legal support system moving into the future

Forward your Family and Friends this version and ask them to get involved template…

I am writing to you as a long-term resident of (Name of City or State) and a registered voter.  My [loved one/friend/neighbor] works as a process server. [He/she] has been telling me about some of the outdated requirements that still exist.  I would like you to consider the Process Server Records Bill, Assembly Bill #3939-A which is currently in your committee.  This bill would allow process servers to cut through the red tape and get their jobs done in a much more timely fashion!

It doesn’t make sense to ignore this problem any longer.  We have technology that has made log-books obsolete.


For the full text of the bill click here.


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