What You Need In A New Jersey Process Server

New Jersey process serverNew Jersey process servers play an important role in protecting due process rights and establishing jurisdiction in a case.

If you’re using a New Jersey process server, make sure they:

Know the rules

Getting a service completed quickly is always a good thing, but when it’s done within the rules and laws of proper service, you can run the risk of the court rejecting the service. This can result in missing deadlines, needing to re-file motions or even the entire case or having statutes of limitations expire.

Utilize employees, not independent contractors

Many process service companies not just in New Jersey but across the country utilize independent contractors rather than employees. The issue with companies utilizing independent contractors mean that according to the legal definition of what one can or cannot do when dealing with an independent contractor, these servers are not allowed to be trained, told how to serve or when to serve.

If you use a company like DGR who has employees on staff (and who are all Certified Process Servers), you can be sure they are trained and are sure to give you the best service possible.

Are ethical

Being ethical is always important when it comes to any profession, but in situations where legal matters are being decided it can be of even greater importance. For example, if a process server attempts service at a residence and the individual who answers the door says the subject hasn’t lived there in three months, the process server can’t simply serve the papers because they believe the person lives there. What if the subject truly did move? To serve the papers simply because that is the easy thing to do is a violation of the subject’s due process rights – and extremely unethical.

Always choose a process server that will make the ethical decision, and one that will stand up in court, every time.

Get the job done quickly

Your process server should be aware of timelines and the necessity to serve documents as quickly and efficiently as possible. No matter what type of law you practice this applies.

Getting the job done quickly not only ensures you are meeting deadlines for documents such as subpoenas and motions, but also that your clients are satisfied with the timeline of the case.

Are responsive and customer service oriented

No matter what your question, your process server should respond in a timely fashion. If you have as question or a matter which needs attention, then it is an important item which should be addressed immediately. You shouldn’t feel your bothering your process server when you call or need to call more than once to get a status update on a file.


With DGR, we have everything you need in your New Jersey process server. Ethical employees who make sure your service is completed quickly are ready to help with any service you might have. Contact us to get started.

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