ServeNow Introduces “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” Campaign

This weekend at the NYSPPSA conference I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Camras from Serve-Now face to face. While I was excited to finally put a face to the name, what really got me was finding out about a video Serve Now created that I hadn’t heard about before as a part of their new “Don’t Shoot The Messenger” campaign.

Serve Now created this campaign to help raise awareness about process server safety and also to challenge the public impression of process servers. Take a look: 


NJPPSA’s very own President John Hiltwine is featured in the video.  Serve Now can certainly be applauded for putting the effort into creating a piece which benefits the entire process service community. The truth is that many individuals tend to see process servers as solely the bearers of bad news, when truly all we are doing is protecting their right of due process.

Be sure to share this video. Facebook, Twitter, email – send it to everyone you know! It’s a great way to show just how important what process servers do is and to positively influence the reputation process servers have.

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