Legal Professionals: 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Process Server


When using a private process server there are a number of things legal professionals can do to ensure the fastest and most efficient turn-around time possible, particularly when due diligence is necessary.  Even the most proficient and adept process servers know there are certain pieces of information that can help speed up effectuating service.

1.  If you are attempting service at home or work, see if your client knows when the subject will be at that location.

For example, if we know the subject works from 9-6 and usually goes to the gym afterward for an hour, then we will attempt service after 7:30pm.  This minimizes the number of attempts which will need to be made, but more importantly will produce a higher chance of the individual being served, moving the case forward.

2. When due diligence is necessary, ALWAYS send in the driver’s license number if it available.

With a driver’s license number, depending on the state, Motor Vehicle searches can be completed online, giving a turn-around time of 2-3 days. New Jersey has this service available and it is extremely efficient. Without the driver’s license number, a request for a report must be mailed to the Motor Vehicle office and can take up to 3 weeks!  That’s a lot of time that could have been saved by simply including the driver’s license number.

3. If you know that you would like the process server to attempt service at an alternate location if the subject is not at the initial address, be sure to include this in the original cover letter.

If no other address is given, the scenario goes like this: the server attempts service at a residential address  and then comes back to the office and notifies you that the individual is not at the location.  You provide an alternate address and if possible the server attempts service later in the day but if not, the service must wait until the following day.  By providing a new address the situation then becomes one where the server can simply go from original location to the next available address, cutting down on the amount of time it takes to complete the service.

All of the above are tips meant to help you speed up the time in which your process service or due diligence is completed (and to move your case along as quickly as possible!).  If you have any other suggestions feel free to comment and share them!


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