Happy National Due Process Day!

September 25th is National Due Process Day. As process servers, this day is especially important to us – it’s at the very essence of our jobs.

Serving an individual provides them with notification about a matter involving them. Proper service provides an opportunity to address the matter, an integral part of their due process rights.

An individual’s due process rights are part of why we work hard to be professionals in the industry. Serving is more than just handing someone a paper. It’s due diligence, knowing the rules associated with every type of service not just in New Jersey but around the country and globe, and making sure day in and day out we’re treating everyone with respect.

Without proper service, individuals can have judgments entered against them, be foreclosed upon and have divorce proceedings entered all without notification. Our job is to make sure people have a chance to challenge and prepare for any action entered involving them.

So why September 25th?

The 5th amendment was introduced on September 25th. Along with the 14th amendment, the 5th helps to protect due process rights of all Americans and preserve the right to a fair trial.

Since the introduction of National Due Process Day in 2012 we’ve worked to spread the word and show everyone, not just those in the legal industry, the importance of due process rights and the role of process servers.

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National Due Process Day

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