Dangers of Serving & The PAAPRS Campaign

While those in the process serving industry know all about how the tense situations services can cause, the media has been bringing more and more of these cases to light.  A recent article on how process servers are saying foreclosures put them in danger highlights numerous instances where servers have faced attacks.  In the face of these types of situations, it seems a good time to spread the word about Serve Now’s PAAPRS campaign.

Process Server Safety

As taken from their site, ‘The PAAPRS campaign is an initiative focused on raising awareness about process server assault and promoting regulations and law changes that further protect process servers’.  This initiative does not just provide articles, news and tips for servers but also provides them with a place to officially mark down server attacks.  While of course all attacks should involve a formal police report, the Process Server Assaults Map allows individuals to visually see the number of assaults.  For purposes of pursuing legislation to have assault on a process server made a felony this detailed record of assaults provides powerful ammunition to pass such a bill.

Process Server assault map

Serve Now even goes so far as to assure each assault case is given a voice if it has not yet received appropriate coverage. Making these instances well known to the public provides even further backing toward the backing of such legislation protecting servers.

Take a look at the site including news coverage, assault map, test your assault prevention knowledge with their short quiz, and make sure to spread the word about this tool which ultimately can help benefit process servers nationwide.

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