6 Big Things That Happened in Process Service in 2013

As we head into a new year, let’s take a look back at what’s happened in the process service world in 2013:

ServeNow introduces “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” Campaign

We’ve all received some heat for being the bearers of bad news, but part of what process servers do is protect every individual’s right to due process. ServeNow put together an excellent campaign trying to get that message across to the public.

This is part of a larger campaign, Promoting Assault Awareness and Protective Regulations for Servers (PAAPRS).

Part of the campaign includes a video with facts and testimonials from process servers and appeals to the public to remember – “don’t shoot the messenger”. If you haven’t already seen the video, make sure to check it out and send to your friends.

New York Process Servers Take Tremendous Hit Following New DCA Rules

A report put out by NYSPPSA shows that following the implementation of the new DCA rules, NYC process servers have seen a dramatic 60% decrease in license renewals. Exorbitant fines, costly new GPS requirements and burdensome logbooks have all been contributed to the decrease

Another Bill Is Introduced To Protect Process Servers

Washington introduced HB 1131, which would make assault against process servers a third degree provision. After being reintroduced in May, it was reintroduced in November and has seen no action since.

Michigan Bill Excludes Process Servers From Trespassing Penalties

SB 321 will allow Michigan process servers to enter private property without fear of trespassing and being subject to criminal penalty. The Michigan court website lists the bill as anticipated to be signed into effect by the Governor on December 31st.

Maryland Defeats Senate Bill 554

 In a display of the power of state associations, MAAPPS worked to defeat a Senate Bill that would have a serious impact. The bill would have required a one million dollar bond for all process service companies, with additional fees for process servers who would have to be employees under the bill.  According to a ServeNow interview with MAAPPS President Steve Harris, this would have cost the average company $15-20K just to stay in business. With only 10 days to prepare, MAAPPS grabbed the wheel and through emergency meetings and hearings, MAAPPS was able to defeat the bill.  Success! 

New York Judge Allows Service of Process Via Facebook

A Manhattan federal judge has ruled that the Federal Trade Commission can serve five defendants based in India through Facebook.


What’s one of your most significant process serving memories of 2013?

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

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