Process Service & Private Investigations: How The Two Can Work Together

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process serviceIn our last article we talked about the importance of due diligence in process service. What happens when you need to take your due diligence a step further? That’s where a private investigator can help.

In cases where personal service is necessary, hiring a private investigator can help you obtain more detailed information about an individual’s whereabouts. Most process servers develop techniques and skills to locate alternate addresses for service as their experience grows, but private investigators have a wealth of databases and information available to them that is not accessible to the general public. Being able to pull past addresses and current information on an individual can help locate a person quickly for service.

There are times when a DMV check and all information will point back to a particular address for an subject, but the person who answers the door may say the subject no longer resides there. In this case it may be helpful to run a full check on an individual to prove they do indeed live there in order to pursue alternate service.

There are also times when a private investigator may conduct a more traditional type of investigation, canvassing areas where the individual used to reside in order to find a new address or place of employment. In cases where a residential address can be difficult to obtain, a subject can sometimes be tracked down by place of employment.

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