What Our Process Servers Are Thankful For

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Thanksgiving is coming up quickly, so we decided to take a moment to reflect on what we’re thankful for as process servers in general.

We’re thankful for when photos give us a helping hand.  

It’s the nature of process service that sometimes subjects won’t be entirely honest with us when they answer the door. Sometimes we’re told the subject no longer lives at the residence or that they’re simply there as a house sitter or dog watcher.

Without a picture or description of the individual, it can be difficult to tell whose telling the truth and whose trying to throw us off. Having a picture or description though makes service much easier – even when the subject doesn’t tell the truth!

 We’re thankful for people who graciously accept service.

The news we’re delivering is often times not the most welcome and can be in reference to highly emotional situations such as foreclosure and divorce. It’s not always easy to receive such a message and we’re always grateful when people are kind enough to not blame the messenger.

We’re thankful for when unexpected tips pop up.   

Sometimes, when it’s least expected, those little pieces of information pop up that are so hugely helpful we can’t help but be grateful. From the neighbor out mowing their lawn letting us know the subject works in the city and isn’t home until after 9 every night to the tenant knowing where the subject moved to, once in a while we get lucky. And it’s more than enough to make our day.

We’re thankful for when we get extra service details.

Have an alternate address? Know the hours the subject works? Have a picture? All of this information is like gold, and we act accordingly when our clients give us these details. More details means quicker service. A win-win for everybody!

 We’re thankful for having a job we really enjoy.  

We’re all grateful to have a job we like as well as the freedom it allows. No, we don’t like giving bad news. What we do like is protecting due process rights while being able to create our own hours, preferably with the windows down and our favorite music playing in between stops.


We have a lot to be grateful for at Thanksgiving, that’s for sure.

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