NYSPPSA Seeks License Renewal Timeline Grace Period

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In efforts to seek more reprieves for New York City process servers, NYSPPSA has submitted another letter the DCA, this time directly to Sanford Cohen, Executive Deputy General Counsel.

The letter addresses a number of points surrounding licensure, one of which is the concern surrounding the DCA’s statement that New York City process servers may not operate after February 28th unless they have received their new license. Larry Yellon, president of NYSPPSA requests the DCA provide a 14 day grace period to process servers, as the application and testing instructions for license renewals were not mailed out until Mid-January.

“Any time lapse between the deadline and the time they receive their renewal license would be an unforeseen detriment to their ability maintain their livelihood” – Larry Yellon

The second point the letter touches on is a request for clarification of the payment amount should a process server fail the exam two times. The current wording makes it sound as though the process server would be required to pay $415.00 for the license and exam fees should they fail twice, but prior policy required only $75.00.

For the full letter go here: Feb. 21st Letter to the DCA




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